Mall City Hall New Cairo

Invest in City Hall Mall, which was launched by Serac Real Estate Development Company, your golden opportunity to buy a store or office in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, with various spaces to suit everyone, and full integrated services, with prices 25% less than market prices and very convenient installment systems.

Pay 10% down payment and pay the rest of the unit price in installments over 5 years.


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Project details Mall City Hall New Cairo

City Hall Mall location

The Fifth Settlement sits on the throne of the real estate market now, as it is the most prestigious for housing and one of the places with the most purchasing power for shops and offices, so Serac Real Estate Development Company chose it to build its City Hall project in the Fifth Settlement, as it is located specifically in the last commercial plot of land in the northern investors area, to learn more about the places and roads near the City Hall project, read the following:


Landmarks near the City Hall New Cairo project

City Hall 5th Settlement is located directly on Mohamed Naguib freeway.

The City Hall New Cairo project is located near the Ring Road and Suez Road.

From Mall City Hall New Cairo, you can reach the Administrative Capital within 45 minutes.

The City Hall project is a short distance from the American University.

City Hall Mall is very close to Cairo Festival City and Downtown Mall.

The Serac project is adjacent to the most famous projects in the Fifth Settlement, such as the Terrace Mall and the East Lane Mall.


Design of the City Hall project in Fifth Settlement

City Hall Mall has a modern design that achieves the greatest possible use of space in the project, with all facades giving wonderful views of open spaces. City Hall Mall New Cairo consists of 6 separate buildings, 5 entrances, and a 300-meter facade. The designs of City Hall Mall in New Cairo were drawn up by the famous engineering consultant/engineer Mohamed Hafez, director of Hafez Consultants.

The Serac company implementing the City Hall Settlement project also assigned the task of developing the designs, interior spaces and decorations for the project to engineer Hani Saad and his company Innovations, so that the City Hall Serac project will be integrated and its customers and visitors will enjoy luxury and elegance that distinguishes it from other Fifth Settlement projects.


City Hall units’ area, New Cairo

The City Hall Serac project extends over an area of 16,000 square metres, and includes commercial and administrative units. The ground and first floors are allocated for shops, and the second floor for offices.

The area of ​​stores in City Hall Mall New Cairo starts from 60 to 1,100 square meters, while the area of offices in City Hall Mall starts from 50 to 500 square meters. City Hall Mall also includes a mega market, a pharmacy, and 3 banks.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.


City Hall Mall prices in Fifth Settlement

The City Hall New Cairo project is considered the first project of the Serac Real Estate Development Company, so it worked to give it attractive elements and unprecedented offers so that the project would gain attention in the real estate market. Therefore, you will find the prices of the City Hall Serac project 25% lower than its competitors, which encourages investors to buy a unit for sale inside City Hall New Cairo Mall, bringing the total price of the lowest unit to 7,200,000 Egyptian pounds. The prices of City Hall Mall are as follows:

The price of a commercial meter on the ground floor starts from 120,000 to 180,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price of a commercial square meter on the first-floor ranges from 75 thousand to 95 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The price of an administrative meter ranges from 70 thousand to 80 thousand Egyptian pounds.


City Hall Mall New Cairo reservation systems

The great diversity in the prices of the units of the Serac project was also reflected in the mall’s reservation and installment systems. Serac Real Estate Company has developed 3 installment systems, paying an amount for the seriousness of the reservation of 100 thousand Egyptian pounds for the commercial, and 50 thousand Egyptian pounds for the administrator, which is fully refundable. Details of the reservation systems in the City Hall Settlement project are as follows:

Pay 10% down payment and pay the rest of the unit price in installments over 5 years.

Pay 20% down payment and pay the rest over 6 years.

Pay 30% down payment and equal installments over 7 years.


Mall City Hall New Cairo

Mall City Hall 5th Settlement Facilities and Services

The great competition between real estate companies has made services not a luxury, but rather a necessity that major companies are keen to provide. Contracting with management and operating companies enhances the marketing value of the project and attracts international brands that contribute to marketing the project. Serac has contracted with major operating companies to manage City Hall 5th Settlement. The services of the City Hall project were as follows:

Visitors to City Hall Mall, New Cairo, will find the most famous cafes and restaurants serving the most delicious food.

City Hall 5th Settlement provided 24-hour security, guarding, and surveillance cameras.

The garage of the City Hall Mall New Cairo project can accommodate a huge number of cars to accommodate the mall's customers and visitors.

To complete all work easily and conveniently, there is high-speed internet in the Serac project.

City Hall New Cairo Mall also offers central air conditioning.

All units of City Hall Mall enjoy charming views of green spaces and landscape.

The Serac project works according to the facility's smart systems, such as alarms and lighting.

City Hall New Cairo Mall is environmentally friendly as it runs on solar energy.

In anticipation of power outages and malfunctions, there are electricity generators in the City Hall New Cairo project.

For enjoyable and effortless shopping, there are ATM machines throughout the mall.

Your children can also have a fun time in the Kid’s Area in the City Hall Mall project.

For easy movement within the City Hall project, you will find escalators and elevators everywhere.

City Hall Mall also provides regular maintenance and cleaning services seven days a week.


Features of City Hall Mall, Fifth Settlement

City Hall Mall has many advantages, but its prices, which are 25% less than the market, place it at the forefront of Fifth Settlement projects. Then comes the advantage of the strategic location of the project to be the most important factors for its success. Then comes the modern design developed by leading architects, and the diverse spaces and integrated services offered by the City Hall Serac project.


About the owner of Serac Real Estate Development Company

SERAC Developments was established as a result of an Egyptian-Emirati partnership between the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Egyptian businessman Tarek Soliman, owner of the famous Glamor Jewelry and Diamond Trading Groups, and with the Emirati businessman Tawhid Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Damas Company, President of the World Gold and Jewelery Federation, and President of the Dubai Gold and Jewelery Company. Serac seeks to become one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and gain customer trust through many distinguished projects, as Serac has already purchased plots of land and begun the construction phase before putting them up for sale. City Hall Mall will become the nucleus of a series of projects that the company will launch in several other places bearing the same name, making City Hall a destination for international brands and distinguished customers.


Mall City Hall New Cairo