Malaga Compound Zayed

Own your unit in Malaga Compound 6 October, one of the projects of the background group, and it is located in October Gardens City and covers an area of 10 acres.

The Malaga 6th of October project is located a twenty-minute walk from Mall of Egypt and near the main roads such as the 26th of July Corridor, connected to Lebanon Square, and can be reached in half an hour from Juhayna Square and twenty minutes from the ring road.

The Malaga Compound project was created in the style of the Andalusian civilization, and was known for its influence inspired by the city of Málaga in southern Spain. The project is being implemented on an area of 10 acres, with 29 four-storey buildings (ground floor and three floors), including residential units of different sizes and various styles such as duplexes, penthouses, and frequent apartments. The percentage of built-up areas ranges from 25% to 75% for services and large green spaces.


Down payment starting from 10%.5% is paid upon receipt of the unit. The rest of the price is to be paid in installments over 8 years.


Maintenance deposit of 8% of the unit price.


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Project details Malaga Compound Zayed

Location of Malaga Compound 6 October Malaga Compound

Malaga Compound is located 6th of October, the developed southern area of 6th of October City. Its location is characterized by easy access to various different vital areas of the city. The project is about 20 kilometers or 20 minutes away by car from Mall of Egypt, the shopping and entertainment center, and it is located about half an hour from the upscale Juhayna Square Center in the heart of 6th of October.


Places near Malaga Compound 6 October Malaga Compound

Malaga October Gardens Compound is distinguished by its privileged location, as it is located only 15 minutes from the ring road, and it takes only 17 minutes to reach the shooting range and Haram Street, making it ideal for easy transportation anywhere in the city.


Design and space of Malaga Compound 6 October Malaga Compound

Malaga Compound 6 October is based on a design inspired by the civilization of Andalusia, specifically from the beautiful city of Málaga located on the Mediterranean coast in southern Spain. The interior and exterior design features Andalusian style with a modern touch that reflects modern living and luxury.

Real estate developer Al-Khalifa adopted the Andalusian engineering style in the construction of the Malaga complex in 6th of October City, and the name of the project was inspired by an attractive Spanish city. The project covers an area of 10 acres, as it is divided into four unique and distinctive areas bearing the names Berchelle, Soho, La Mercid, and Malgueta.

The real estate developer has focused on converting a large percentage of the area of the residential complex Malaga into green areas and spacious gardens, with the aim of providing a healthy lifestyle while providing an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and calm, reducing air pollution rates, and promoting low temperatures in summer. Also, all residential units have stunning views of the green areas.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Malaga Compound 6 October

The cost of real estate units in Malaga project in October Gardens varies according to the type and area of the unit. The prices followed in the real estate market at that time are determined,

Malaga Compound 6 October Payment Systems

You can get the right housing for you in the Malaga 6th of October project, either with full and immediate payment, or gradually over several years, where you can pay a specific percentage of the value of the house in advance and the rest in installments over a specific period of time. Payment methods are determined as follows:

Down payment starting from 10%.

5% is paid upon receipt of the unit.

The rest of the price is to be paid in installments over 8 years.

Maintenance deposit of 8% of the unit price.

The units within the complex will be delivered between 2024 and 2026.


Malaga Compound Zayed

Features of Malaga Compound

The residential project Malaga Compounds in the 6th of October area is characterized by providing many services and facilities that meet the needs of the residents, such as:

Malaga Compound provides protection and guarding around the clock inside it, in addition to an advanced camera surveillance system.

There is a special place for the little ones with many games and beautiful green lands to play and enjoy.

Malaga Compound includes a health club with modern sports equipment and a large swimming pool to enjoy swimming. In addition, there are green views and spacious gardens to provide a calm, healthy and wonderful atmosphere.

Malaga Mall has a shopping mall with a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Underground well-shaded car stations are available to keep their cars and offer ample parking.

Cleaning and maintenance services are provided to facilities around the clock to meet the needs of citizens.

Malaga Compound has outdoor barbecue areas and family and friends gatherings.

A high-quality management system improves the services of the residential complex and answers the inquiries and needs of residents.

The location of Malaga Compound is a very vital place because it gives easy access to many basic areas in 6th of October City.


Al Khalifa Real Estate Group

The company started its real estate journey in the field of real estate development and investment since 2017, and the Khalifa Group included 4 other companies that also work in the Egyptian real estate market, including Khalifa Real Estate Development Company.


The company has provided a set of works, the most important of which are the following:

MALAGA Compound in October Gardens.

Several projects in the Ahram Gardens area.

Real estate transactions are one of the fateful decisions in an individual's life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate conditions booklet offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision.



Malaga Compound Zayed