Majorelle Compound New Zayed

Own your grandmother in Majorelle New Zayed Compound, launched by Al Jabri Real Estate Development Company, an ideal opportunity for those wishing to be in Sheikh Zayed after the completion of its projects, as New Zayed enjoys the same advantages as the Old City location with newer services to build a higher and better urban community, with modern designs, and various spaces, and the prices of the new Majorelle Zayed made it a profitable deal by all standards.

Pay 10% down payment + 5% upon receipt in installments over 6 years.


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Project details Majorelle Compound New Zayed

The location of Majorelle specifically

The Majorelle Al Jabri project is located in the new Sheikh Zayed City, which is very close to the most famous commercial malls such as Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt, as well as vital roads and various universities, while maintaining calm in the vicinity of and inside the new Majorelle, below we will learn about the most prominent locations near the Majorelle project.


Places near Majorelle New Sheikh Zayed Compound

New Majorelle Zayed is minutes away from Dahshur Road and Middle Ring Road.

Majorelle Al Jabri Compound is 15 minutes away from Sphinx International Airport.

The Majorelle is very close to many services such as Al Andalus International School, Cairo International University and King's Polo International Club.

The residents of the New Majorelle Zayed project are also adjacent to the residents of Zed Towers Compound and 205 Sheikh Zayed Compound.


Design of Compound Majorelle New Zayed project

The limitation of Majorelle Compound to residential villas gave it endless luxury with a modern touch that added a lot of vitality to the project, and the vast green spaces and artificial lakes that occupy 85% of the area of the Majorelle project made it an icon of beauty and psychological serenity among Sheikh Zayed's new projects.


The space of Majorelle New Sheikh Zayed Compound

70 villas on an area of 10 acres, which means more privacy and tranquility, which is a new feature of the Majorelle Al Jabri project, to become the ideal complex within New Sheikh Zayed The units of Majorelle Zayed vary between twin houses, townhouses, and stand alone villas with various spaces that meet all needs.

Areas of Villas in Majorelle New Zayed Compound

The space of townhouses in New Majorelle Zayed Compound starts from 350 square meters.

As for the twin house space in Majorelle, it starts from 270 square meters up to 390 square meters.

The space of the standalone villas in the Majorelle Al Jabri project starts at 407 square meters up to 600 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Majorelle Sheikh Zayed Compound prices 2023

The sale prices of Majorelle New Zayed Compound are very reasonable commensurate with what it offers from its various capabilities in terms of the excellent and vital location and the vast areas that are considered one of the largest units in all real estate projects

Payment Systems in Majorelle New Zayed

Al Jabri Real Estate Development Company wanted to encourage a large number of customers to buy the villas of Majorelle Compound by providing the best reservation and installment systems with a reservation down payment starting from 10% and a repayment period of up to 7 years, and the details came


The reservation and installment systems of the villas of the Majorelle project are as follows:

10% down payment + 5% upon receipt in installments over 6 years.

15% down payment + 5% upon receipt with the rest of the amount paid over 7 years.

5% down payment and installments up to 9 years.


Majorelle Compound New Zayed

Facilities in Majorelle Sheikh Zayed

Despite the proximity of the Majorelle Al Jabri project to many vital areas, shopping places, and clubs, Al Jabri Real Estate Company was keen to make its project an integrated community whose residents do not need to get out of it to meet their needs, so its services came at the highest level to be worthy of obtaining the trust of customers and be the first choice for high-end families, and the following are the most important services provided by Majorelle Project Compound:

A large part of Majorelle Compound is dedicated to landscapes, gardens, and water bodies such as the dancing fountain, and artificial lakes.

Swimming pools suitable for young and old to spend fun times safely.

Kids Area to provide full care for children within the Majorelle Al Jabri project.

3 Clubhouse to serve the Majorelle project and provide the highest level of luxury to the residents.

Majorelle Al Jabri Compound also provided tracks for walking, running, and cycling.

Within the project, there are many restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious international dishes.

To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the compound, you will find maintenance and cleaning services seven days a week.

A highly trained security and guarding system that works 24 hours a day to protect Majorelle Al Jabri Compound.


Features of Majorelle Compound

There are many features of the Majorelle project, which was offered by Al Jabri Company, in an area that does not stop in demand, such as Sheikh Zayed, and the project spaces are unmatched by any residential project, which means luxury and privacy, especially with designs that make you feel modern and sophisticated at the same time, all this with reasonable prices that suit those looking for luxury in a high-end city like Sheikh Zayed.


About Al Jabri Real Estate Company

El Gabry Group is one of the leading companies in the fields of tourism and jewelry, as it was established in 1960, but it turned to the real estate field about 15 years ago, achieving impressive successes that made customers search for its projects because of its luxury, sophistication in designs, accuracy and commitment to delivery.


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