La Vista Ray Village Sokhna

Own your unit now in La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna is one of the best landmarks of real estate projects designed by la Vista Real Estate Development in the most prestigious areas of Ain Sokhna.

In addition to being a large tourist resort that includes many recreational services and basic services that are indispensable.

On an area of 45 acres, including buildings, green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and swimming pools that are spread throughout the project, and are located in front of all units.

In order for all residents of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna to enjoy a full life of all means of entertainment and pleasure, in addition to all the factors of comfort and tranquility in an unparalleled atmosphere.

All these advantages are in addition to the prices and payment and installment systems provided by the real estate development company responsible for implementing the project.

You can pay 20% of the unit amount in full, and the rest within 5 years in installments


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Project details La Vista Ray Village Sokhna

Location of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna joins the advantages of the village established by La Vista, which has carefully chosen it to be one of the most important attractive factors for the project.

Therefore, it chose a very strategic location, characterized by its proximity to many areas, which made the process of reaching and moving from it very easy and in quite a few times.


Which contributed to reducing the distance between them so that it does not take more than an hour and a half.


Places near La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

La Vista Ray is characterized by its proximity to many other tourist destinations famous for luxury and fame in Ain Sokhna, such as:

It is only 25 km from the village of Porto.

It is 15 km away from the Galala Road exit.

It is located behind the villages of Coronado.


Design of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

Rai La Vista Sokhna project is designed in a very contemporary style and taken from the elegant Thai style.

Where the village combines the factors of picturesque nature, and between modern and luxurious civilized designs to create a luxurious tourist edifice on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea

This is done by building units on terraces of different heights, as this allows a direct sea view of all units in the project, in addition to enjoying a wonderful atmosphere and distinctive views.

It is worth noting that the resort continues its services throughout the year, and is not limited to the summer season, just like other resorts, to give you the ability to go at all times you want to take a break.

There are also a large number of residential units of varying sizes according to taste, ranging from 110 meters to 210 meters, and they have been divided between chalets and villas.

The contractors of the project did not forget to create a private beach for owners with a depth of 700 meters and a width of 300 meters, which helped to create a wonderful view in front of these units.


The space of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna was implemented on an area of 45 acres, or more than 189,000 square meters, with a depth of 700 square meters, and a width of 300 square meters for the beach.


This large area was directly divided into different areas between:


Twin House.


The units' space ranges from 110 to 210 square meters.

The project also includes many activities and integrated recreational services that serve the entire family and provide an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility, and fun.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and payment systems in La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

Do not think that the advantages of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna have ended up in this way, but the company continues to provide many of the advantages it is looking for in all high-end tourism projects.

This is by providing many special prices that suit all segments of high society, in addition to offering many payment and installment systems that are characterized by flexibility and the presence of different years for convenient installments.

Where you can only pay 20% of the unit amount in full, and the rest within 5 years in installments, and this is an opportunity for those who want to live in comfort and safety and want to provide a better life for their children because it will change their lives.


La Vista Ray Village Sokhna

Services Available in La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

LA VISTA RAY SOKHNA has a children's amusement park that includes many recreational games, in addition to the presence of Aqua Park, which is located specifically in the center of the village, and the establishment of a social, sports and entertainment club.

The contractors of the project wanted a gym in the village for regular exercise, as well as a spa for relaxation and rest.

Protection and security: Due to the availability of protection in the village, Balmain is available all year round 24 hours a day to ensure that all people feel safe and stable.

The presence of surveillance cameras throughout the village

Hospitals: The project includes hospitals equipped at a high level as they contain the best and latest medical devices, as well as a team of medical consultants in addition to the availability of many pharmacies that provide easy access to medicines without the need to go outside the village.

Customer service is constantly available throughout the resort to meet all customer needs and comfort, in addition to periodic maintenance that takes place throughout the year on all services provided by the village.

One of the most important services of the project is the presence of various spaces for residential buildings that suit all the tastes of customers, designed in a distinctive way that combines nature and modern design.


Features of La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

The company has established residential units in La Vista Ray on an estimated 20% of the total land area.

The rest of the space will be used for many recreational or basic services that everyone in the village needs, regardless of their tastes. The features of the village are as follows:

Green spaces: The company has provided many green spaces within La Vista Ray, which it built in an unconventional engineering way to attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

Swimming pools: The developers of the project did not overlook the importance of having swimming pools, so they built them at different levels to suit all tastes, especially the design of the pool for women only

Restaurants: La Vista Rai also has many restaurants and cafes that offer its guests the best service as well as the best and finest types of food and drinks.

The presence of a distinguished hotel with the highest levels of luxury and sophistication, including the presence of sports fields as well as relying on the best coaches present in the stadiums.


The company that owns La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna

La Vista Real Estate Development Company is the company that established this project, it was established in 1971 and has many successful development projects.

Where there are a very large number of engineers and experts in real estate design and development. The company has built a large group of successful projects in several different locations.

The most important areas in which La Vista presented its projects are New Cairo, North Coast, 6th of October, Marsa Alam, El Shorouk and many others. Among the important projects presented by the company are the following:

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El Patio 7 Fifth Settlement

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La Vista Ray Village Sokhna