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Kenz Compound is one of the new residential projects of First Group in Sixth of October City, and is characterized by a privileged geographical location near all vital areas in all neighborhoods of Giza Governorate, in addition to its distinguished urban design that meets all the needs of residents who are looking for a sophisticated and quiet place to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The compound contains vast green spaces, artificial lakes, walking paths, and children's areas, as well as a good separation of residential areas from the commercial area and service areas, which gives residents a degree of privacy and freedom to practice their daily lives.

Kenz Compound consists of residential buildings designed according to the latest international engineering standards and equipped with the best services that will meet the needs of different residents and provide them with comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

25% down payment with the possibility of installments over 6 years.


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Project details Kenz Compound October Gardens

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Kenz October Compound is located in the October Gardens area in Sixth of October City on Fayoum Road, only 10 minutes from Remaya Square and 10 minutes from Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia.

The residential project is characterized by a distinctive geographical location that makes it close to all main roads and bridges such as: the ring road, Al-Wahat Road, and the 26th of July Corridor, which makes it easier for residents to move to and from it in a short time.

Kenz October Compound is surrounded by a number of new residential projects such as: Al-Ashgar District, Dreamland and Genovia Compound - and large entertainment and commercial centers such as: Mall of Egypt and Media Production City - which is the main destination for residents of the project


The space of Kenz October Gardens Compound and its units

Kenz October Gardens Compound was built on an area of 30 acres, and the compound consists of a group of buildings and the facades were designed from glass in addition to placing a lot of modern facilities such as elevators and private garages available underground to prevent any congestion inside Kenz Compound.

Kenz Compound is distinguished by its luxurious engineering and urban designs that offer high-end residential units, as the division of the space was divided between green spaces and artificial lakes, which occupy 75% of the total area, and the buildings extended over 25% of the total area.

The company that owns the Kenz Compound project has maintained spaces between residential buildings so that its residents feel privacy and freedom within their units, and was keen to provide a wide range of different services and facilities that provide concepts of luxury.

Apartments for sale are available in various types between apartments, duplexes, and penthouses with areas ranging from 145 to 250 square meters so that all customers find what meets their desires and needs from a distinctive residential unit that suits them.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and payment systems of Kenz October Gardens Compound

Apartments for sale in Kenz October Gardens Compound are characterized by the presence of payment plans and payment methods that suit all residents, and immediate delivery or installments of the unit you want to own is possible, where you can book and own now with a 25% down payment only and with repayment periods of up to 6 years, in addition to a maintenance deposit of 5%.

As for the prices, the developer has worked to offer the residential units of the project with a distinctive package of competitive prices that attract a very large segment of customers


Kenz Compound October Gardens

Services Available in Kenz October Gardens Compound

Kenz Compound October contains a number of service and entertainment centers that meet all the needs of the residents of the compound and the neighboring areas, the compound contains a variety of services represented in the following:

In Kenz October Gardens Compound, there are many wide green spaces

There are many swimming pools for adults and children to help visitors have fun.

There is 24-hour security and guarding to help keep residents safe.

A special parking lot for the residents of Kenz Compound to prevent congestion.

Kenz Sodic Compound has stunning gardens and landscapes.

Artificial fountains with charming turquoise colors.

In Kenz October Gardens Compound project, Club House

There are cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks.

A commercial area with the most famous international brands is available.

A social club is available for family and friends to meet and have fun.

Kenz Compound October has a children's play area

A gymnasium equipped for sports on a large area.

Kenz Compound has many courts such as tennis, squash, football, and many other sports.

For more privacy, there is a covered swimming pool for women in Kenz Compound.

The most important features of Kenz October Compound are its strategic location, where it can be easily accessed.


The Real Estate Developer of Kenz October Gardens Compound

The company that owns Kenz October Gardens Compound is Ferret Group, and First Group is one of the giant companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and the company is always keen to provide properties with distinct designs of high quality.

First has also carried out many huge real estate projects, and the company has always chosen strategic locations


The company's most important projects are the following:

Lazord Compound in Sheikh Zayed.

Gardens October Compound.

New Garden City Compound in Sheikh Zayed.

Projects under implementation.

Kenz Compound in 6th of October City.


Kenz Compound October Gardens