Keeva Sabbour October

Own your unit in Keeva Sabbour October Compound, here is the value and beauty that mean Keeva, and this is exactly what Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company wanted to provide, as it was keen to choose one of the distinctive locations located in the heart of the Sixth of October in order to build this lush land, on a huge area of 144 acres, near all the important landmarks and freeway it cares about.

Keeva Sheikh Zayed Compound is the high-style residential complex that provides you with the privacy of the quiet countryside with the luxury of urban engineering and the integrated services of the modern city, where this unique combination of "modern countryside" is provided by providing Keeva for many open spaces that are characterized by technical simplicity in order for peace of mind to be the prevailing lifestyle throughout the compound.

The architecture inside Keeva October, which is characterized by its modern styles, provides smart elegance and practicality that matches different tastes, as the attention to detail provided by Sabbour Real Estate Company in all corners of Keeva helps to construct various buildings and residential units with an ideal daily atmosphere.

Sixth of October City is famous for the presence of the most important residential compounds in western Cairo, which makes it a destination for investors and customers, and the most important of these compounds are:

Down payment from 5% and repayment periods up to 10 years


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Project details Keeva Sabbour October

Location of Keeva Sabbour Compound

One of the most important and best features of Keeva Sheikh Zayed Compound is the geographical and strategic location of the project, as the company was interested in choosing the most vital and active places in 6th of October City, in addition to the company's great focus on ensuring that all the services that customers and investors are looking for are available in this location.

This shows us in the developer's choice of location, as the project was implemented directly on Dahshur Road, which is located near many important landmarks and freeway that facilitate you to reach your various destinations, all this at an altitude of more than 1260 meters, allowing the perfect combination between accessibility and exclusivity in the panoramic view.


Places near Keeva Sabbour Compound

Juhayna Square: The project is two minutes away from Juhayna Square.

Shopping Malls: Keeva Sabbour is 5 minutes away from various shopping malls.

Smart Village: Only 15 minutes separate you from Smart Village from Keeva Compound.

Downtown: The project is 30 minutes away from downtown.

Mall of Egypt: Keeva Sheikh Zayed Compound is close to Mall of Egypt.

Famous landmarks: Sabbour Sheikh Zayed October Compound is also close to the Media Production City and Wadi Degla Club.

Mall of Arabia: In addition to Keeva's proximity to Mall of Arabia.

The most important landmarks in the region: next to Keeva Compound is close to Hyper One, and Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed branch.

MSA University: Keeva Compound is also close to Misr University MSA, and Palm Parks Compound.

Medical centers: In addition, Keeva Sabbour is very close to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and close to Swan Lake Compound.

The most important roads and freeway: Keeva project is also close to some important roads and freeway such as Al-Wahat Road, the Ring Road and the 26th of July Corridor, in addition to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Within Keeva Sheikh Zayed Compound, you can enjoy your daily needs without exerting any effort, thanks to the water features in the artificial lakes and the beautiful landscapes that wrap HoKeeva Sabbourl your residential unit from all over, where you and your children can safely enjoy a sport that adults and children love without worrying about pollution and traffic, and here are the most prominent facilities that provide you with a unique lifestyle:



Swimming pools.


Commercial area.


Social club.

Health and sports club.

Aqua Park.

Keeva October Compound is considered one of the most important and best real estate projects in 6th of October City, which enjoys the availability of all services and facilities, and is characterized by being a luxurious, quiet and ideal area for a unique life.

As the Keeva Sabbour project is the result of the tremendous partnership that took place between (National Bank, Sabbour, Urban Communities Authority) under the name of (Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company).

To present us with this huge residential edifice, which includes all new ideas and modern designs, to work on the implementation of Keeva Sabbour with the best possible quality.


Space and design of Keeva Sabbour project

Sabbour Compound 6 October was built on a large space of about 144 acres, and an area of 18% of the total percentage of the project was allocated for the buildings to be implemented on it, which included many types of units of different types and spaces, to suit all the needs and desires of customers, as it was divided as follows:


Twin House.

Standalone villas.

As for the rest of the space for the project, the company has worked to allocate it to basic and recreational services, as well as green spaces.

Where green spaces, gardens, and parks represent the largest area of the size of Sabbour 6th of October Compound, which has reached 82%, so that all units overlook the picturesque and wonderful landscapes.

And to provide a healthy and quiet life, free from noise and air pollution, in addition to that these gardens penetrate between the units and separate them, which helped to increase the feeling of comfort and privacy.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Keeva October Compound Prices and Payment Systems

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company has worked hard to provide all means of comfort in all aspects of Sabbour 6th of October Compound, as it took care of all the project from the inside and provided all the needs that we are all looking for, as well as not leaving it to pricing and installment matters, to give very distinctive solutions and prices within Keeva Compound.

To meet and help all its customers to own a dream unit in the most important real estate projects in 6th of October City, and that was as follows:

The first system

Pay a financial value of 5% of the total price of the sold unit, and pay the rest of the amount in equal installments for a period of up to 9 years.

The second system

Or you can pay a sum of money as a down payment of 10% of the unit price, and the rest in installments over 10 years.

Knowing that the installments over those years are done without adding interest to the unit price.


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Keeva Sabbour October

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Services and features of Keeva Project

One of the most important advantages of Keeva Compound is that it contains many basic and recreational services and features, which make it a very distinctive project from other competing projects.

Which made it a huge project, in addition to being a real investment opportunity for lovers of buying luxury and distinctive residential units to enjoy all means of life from comfort, entertainment, and tranquility, as well as the prevailing security in the project, and these services come as follows:

Green spaces: Keeva project has many green spaces and landscapes, so that all residents of the project can enjoy the wonderful views and distinctive view of the charming nature.

Swimming pools: The compound includes many swimming pools that have been evenly distributed throughout the Keeva Sabbour Compound project, and are mixed with green spaces to combine landscapes between water and plants.

Health clubs: A health club is available on a large space of about 41 acres, to include all recreational activities with the highest and best possible quality in Keeva Sabbour.

Restaurants and cafes: There are also many famous restaurants and cafes, which serve the best meals and the most delicious drinks for the residents of Keeva Compound.

Commercial area: For shopping lovers, a complete commercial area has been allocated, with many shops, in addition to a commercial mall that includes many international brands.

Recreational services: There are also many different entertainment means, as a sports walkway has been allocated for practicing multiple sports, such as: running, walking, and cycling amidst the wonderful green spaces.

Bodies of water: In addition, many spaces have been allocated for attractive artificial lakes in Keeva Sabbour Compound.

Security and safety: security services throughout the entire day, as the compound includes security and guard personnel selected at a high level of efficiency.

Security services: The best types of surveillance cameras have been installed throughout Keeva Sabbour Compound, in order to monitor any strange movements throughout the day, and deal with them quickly through various and modern communication devices.

Other services: in addition to the presence of a number of other services and features within Keeva Sabbour Compound.


Advantages of investing in Keeva Sabbour Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company is one of the most important leading real estate companies in Egypt, which has a long history in implementing successful real estate projects, which have received demand from customers and investors, and for this reason investing with Sabbour is an opportunity awaited by the best customers inside and outside Egypt.

The location of Keeva Sabbour Compound is the most important feature of the project, and the vital geographical location is one of the most important features that customers are looking for, so the company was interested in choosing the best geographical locations in Sixth of October City, where it enjoys the tranquility of new cities, and the vitality of places with integrated services.

The prices offered by the company to obtain the compound units are one of the attractions of the project, so customers are rushing to own a unit in the project, and the company has attached it to a set of flexible installment and payment systems, as you can pay in installments over a period of up to 10 years, so do not miss the opportunity and book your unit now.


The Real Estate Developer of Keeva October Compound Project

Keeva Sabbour Compound is one of the projects of Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, a leading company in the field of real estate, with a large balance of mega projects that it has implemented, and has won the trust of a large segment of customers, and this is what it always seeks.

The company was established in 1994, and has more than 26 years of experience in real estate development, and since it was established and began its successful projects that made the company confident in the Egyptian market, specifically the real estate market.

The company is always keen to provide all means of comfort to its customers and always puts it at the forefront of its goals, and its projects enjoy high-end designs, huge spaces, facilities, and distinguished services.


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Keeva Sabbour October