Katameya Creeks The 5th Settlement

Book your unit now in Katameya Creeks Compound and live a life full of fun and happiness amidst the many features it provides to residents.


A down payment starts from 10% of the total value of the unit, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.


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Project details Katameya Creeks The 5th Settlement

Katameya Creeks Compound

live a life full of fun and happiness amidst the many features the Compound provides to residents.

A down payment starts from 10% of the total value of the unit, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.


Location of Katameya Creeks Compound, Fifth Settlement

Katameya Creeks, New Cairo

The location of the Katameya Creeks project is considered one of the most important advantages offered by the real estate developer of the compound, as it is located in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement near the German University.

The compound is located in the middle of various educational, governmental and commercial services. It is also close to the most important roads and main freeways that facilitate access to and from the compound.



Places near Katameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement

The project is located near the most famous and prestigious residential complexes in the region, including Kattameya Dunes and the Arabella project.

5 minutes separate Katameya Creeks from the German University.

A few minutes separate the compound from Ain Sokhna Gate.

The compound is located near the Katameya Heights project.



Katameya Creeks project space and design

The company developing the compound was able to distinguish its project, Katameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement, with a strategic location and a vast area that included all the elements and capabilities that made it an integrated project.

In Katameya Creeks New Cairo, residents enjoy the highest levels of luxury due to the green spaces spread throughout the compound that intermingle with the residential units in a contemporary scene.

The compound is provided with an exclusive package of facilities and services that meet the needs of residents. Everything you need will be found around you in a few minutes.

The Katameya Creeks project is also distinguished by its wonderful architectural designs that are very much in line with the modern lifestyle represented in New Cairo, in addition to providing artificial lakes with stunning designs that give residents a wonderful and amazing view.



Area of Katameya Creeks units, New Cairo

The developer company provided Katameya Creeks Compound with a variety of residential units that the market needs, so that each client can choose the most suitable option for him and his family, as the units vary between villas and apartments with areas starting from 161 square meters and up to 505 square meters, and it came in as follows:

Residential apartments with an attached garden are available, with areas starting from 143 square meters.

Penthouses with areas starting from 260 square meters.

Duplexes with areas starting from 315 square meters up to 340 square meters.

Large villas starting from 750 square meters and up to 850 square meters.



Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Katameya Creeks prices, Fifth Settlement

The prices of Katameya Creeks New Cairo Compound have prompted many customers to begin taking serious steps towards owning a unit within the compound and enjoying a luxurious future residential experience, as it is an investment opportunity not to be missed. The developing company has offered competitive prices that cannot be compared to the prices of other projects. The unit price also varies according to its type, area, and design in order to suit the desires of different customers. The prices came as follows:

Prices for residential apartments within Katameya Creeks New Cairo start from 4,400,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices of villas within the compound start from 21,000,000 Egyptian pounds.



Payment methods and systems in the Kattameya Creeks project

The developing company provided several payment plans that made it easier for customers to own a unit within the compound, as follows:

A down payment starts from 10% of the total value of the unit, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

Down payment starting from 20%, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 5 years.

A 10% down payment is paid, 10% upon contracting, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 5 years.

If you pay in cash, you will get an immediate discount of 19%.


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Katameya Creeks The 5th Settlement

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Katameya Creeks Compound services

New Cairo Real Estate Investment Company is committed to meeting customer expectations for a luxurious and integrated lifestyle, by providing all the facilities and services they need. Residents are also able to obtain their daily needs through the commercial centers contained in Katameya Creeks Fifth Settlement Compound, and also enjoy leisure time through the available recreational activities, and the most prominent services available are:


A number of sports paths have been paved for cycling, running and walking enthusiasts amidst green spaces and landscapes.

All the gardens available in Katameya Creeks New Cairo enjoy panoramic views of the crystal fountains in the compound.

The mosque has a large area that can accommodate a large number of worshipers.

Each building within Katameya Creeks New Cairo has a private parking garage.

Special yards are available for horse riding enthusiasts.

There is a gym equipped to the highest level so you can enjoy practicing your favorite sport.

For more luxury in Katameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement, there is a health club that includes a spa and a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.

Each building within the compound has its own elevator.

An integrated commercial area through which you can shop the most famous international brands.

Artificial lakes with creative designs are spread throughout the project, creating a very wonderful aesthetic view.

At Katameya Creeks, your children will experience an atmosphere of fun and happiness in the Kids Area designated for them, which contains various entertainment activities.

The security personnel guarding the compound are highly efficient, and the latest surveillance cameras are deployed around the clock.

The best medical services are available in the Kattameya Creeks project, which are represented in hospitals containing various specialties, as well as medical clinics that provide the best health care, in addition to the availability of an ambulance ready at any time for emergency cases.

The compound is also provided with a number of pharmacies that contain various types of medicines and operate throughout the day.



Advantages of owning a unit in Katameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement

Once you own a unit within Katameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement, you will find yourself surrounded by an exclusive package of features that will make every minute of your day happier and more enjoyable, starting with the important and lively location of the compound in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, where tranquility and privacy away from traffic, overcrowding, and the hustle and bustle of the city.

The compound was also implemented on a vast area that included a variety of residential units, including apartments and villas of different sizes. The units are also distinguished by their modern and modern finishes that blend with the charming nature of the place to make the compound appear to us with this splendor, in addition to the basic and recreational services that work to provide comfort to the residents. .

All of these features that Katameya Creeks Compound has in the Fifth Settlement include modern architectural designs, green spaces spread throughout the compound, various units, etc. The developing company concluded these features with the competitive prices that it offered, which are very suitable for various categories.



The company developing Katameya Creeks Compound

Katameya Creeks Compound, Fifth Settlement, is one of the projects of the New Cairo Real Estate Investment Company, which is one of the largest real estate companies with great experience that is evident in its projects that bear a distinctive imprint from other projects.

The company has presented a group of projects in various fields and in various regions in the Arab Republic of Egypt. All of its projects have been characterized by a strategic location, creative designs, and diverse units. The company works to create a long-term relationship with its clients based on transparency and credibility.

The company is also keen on the satisfaction of its customers by providing its projects with all the elements and capabilities that meet customers’ needs, and this is what has made it gain the trust of a large segment of customers who trust its name and its leading position among the major real estate companies.



The company's most prominent projects

Katameya Dunes Compound, New Cairo.

Katameya Heights Compound, New Cairo.


Katameya Creeks The 5th Settlement