Karmell sodic sheikh Zayed

Own now in Karmell sodic sheikh Zayed Compound is the latest project of Sodic Real Estate in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City, which it presented with modern designs similar to the American city of California.

The Karmell Compound project comes with several advantages starting from its very strategic location, which took its residents in a quiet spot to enjoy rest and relaxation.

This is away from the sources of noise and pollution and its services and integrated accompaniment so that everyone can enjoy luxury,

Another 5% is paid as a receipt payment, with the rest of the amount to be paid in equal installments for 8 years.



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Project details Karmell sodic sheikh Zayed

Location of Karmell Sodic New Zayed Compound

SODIC always chooses distinctive locations for its projects, as it chose Carmel Compound 6th of October for its project, in the heart of Golden Square, one of the most important areas in Sheikh Zayed City.


Areas near Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed

Karmell Compound 6 October is located close to the Sodic Sheikh Zayed project.

Carmel Compound 6th of October is only about four minutes away from Sphinx Airport.

It is only 5 minutes away from the Sodic West project.

The location of Carmel Compound 6 October is strategic, as it has an entrance on El Dabaa / Rod El Farag Road.

The distance between Karmell Compound 6th of October and downtown Cairo with all its services is no more than 14 minutes.

It takes no more than 25 minutes to reach the Alexandria Desert Road via Lebanon Square.

Carmel Compound 6th of October is located close to Juhayna Square, the most important square of the Sixth of October.

Near Karmell Compound, there are many huge projects, including Mall of Arabia and October Plaza project.

The distance between it and the axis is only a quarter of an hour.

The compound is only about 12 minutes away from Arkan Plaza project.

It is located next to the Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project.

A few minutes separate it from Hyper One.

Its location is very close to Cairo International Airport.


Design of Carmel Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound

Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed project was designed with the latest and best engineering and architectural designs inspired by the most luxurious residential projects in Europe, implemented by the company's major engineers and designers.

This results in an unparalleled real estate edifice for lovers of sophistication, luxury, and housing within the best residential compounds in October City and Sheikh Zayed.

And enjoy a unique atmosphere amidst the vast green spaces, and a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers and plants with their picturesque natural colors, which provide an atmosphere full of calm and psychological comfort to take you away from the burdens of life.


The space of Carmel Sodic New Zayed Compound

The Karmell Sheikh Zayed project acquires an area of 240 acres of the total land area owned by SODIC, which amounts to about 650 acres.

This vast space is mostly covered in green, as the compound includes green spaces extending over a large area with gardens and picnic places, with many recreational services.

Carmel Compound 6 October has many types of residential units to suit all desires, and the spaces are as follows:

There are apartments consisting of one, two, and even three rooms, with areas ranging from 80 square meters up to about 150 square meters.

Karmell Compound October has units under the name "Garden House" and it has its own entrance, ranging in size from 180 square meters up to 200 square meters.

Roof houses with spaces ranging from 180 m² up to 200 m².

Luxury standalone villas start from about 2140 square meters.

Thus, there are many options available to customers and investors looking for residential units for sale in October and Sheikh Zayed


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and payment systems for Carmel Sodic New Zayed Compound

All these high-end services and elements of comfort and luxury present in the place can be obtained with reasonable and non-overpriced payments.

As the prices of Carmel Compound announced by the company are excellent compared to the many advantages that customers get.

In addition to the excellent prices of Carmel Compound, the payment systems have also won the approval of customers because they do not represent any financial pressure on them.

Where the customer pays a down payment of 50% of the unit price, then another 5% is paid as a receipt payment, with the rest of the amount to be paid in equal installments for 8 years.

As for delivery, it will be within 4 years of contracting, as the prices of Carmel Compound include the delivery of units with full finishes.


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Karmell sodic sheikh Zayed

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Services and features of Karmell Sodic New Zayed Compound

Karmell Sheikh Zayed was presented by SODIC to be the largest integrated residential compound in Sheikh Zayed City, and its most important services are the following:

Wide green spaces for all apartments and residential units to overlook a charming view.

There are places dedicated to children's recreational games.

Tracks are allocated for cycling and exercise.

Karmell Sodic New Zayed Compound includes a clubhouse at the highest level of luxury.

The gym and spa inside the compound are excellently equipped and have advanced devices and equipment.

There is a large area that includes a group of sports fields that the executing company has equipped with a luxurious level.

At Karmell Compound you will find excellently secured car garages.

There are a large number of shops and boutiques for enjoyable shopping.

Cafes and restaurants offer delicious food and high-end services.

Guard and security services with high training to work on securing all units twenty-four hours a day.

Modern surveillance cameras have been installed everywhere that work accurately and clearly around the clock.

Karmell Compound 6 October has a large supermarket that provides all goods and needs.

Swimming pools are diverse in their shapes and sizes.

The artificial lakes are charming and magnificent in beauty.

There is a large mosque designed with distinctive architectural designs.

Laundry services.

Karmell Compound October has social and sports clubs that offer many services to residents.

International schools and high-end educational services.

The compound was secured through electronic gates.


The Real Estate Developer of Karmell Sodic New Zayed Compound

Sodic Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the Karmell 6 October Compound project, and it is one of the large companies whose long experience and great history speak of its accuracy and leadership in the real estate market in Egypt.

SODIC was established in 1996 and is always working to introduce a new model for residential projects where its projects are not only concerned with buildings, but its focus is on providing a healthy and safe life for the whole family.

The company enables you to gain the trust of customers because it cares about everything that makes them happy, and it also adheres to its promises and delivery dates for its projects, and this is what has always made it in the forefront.

The company presented a package of successful projects, the most important of which are the following:

October Projects

October Plaza 6th of October Compound.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.

The Estates Sheikh Zayed Compound.

New Cairo Projects

Sky Condos Sodic Compound.


East Town.

North Coast Projects

John Sodic North Coast.

Malaz North Coast Resort.

In addition to Carmel Sheikh Zayed, who crowned these works and added to the company's successes a new success, as it achieves all dreams and satisfies all tastes.


Karmell sodic sheikh Zayed