Mall Glare New Cairo

Invest in Mall Glare New Cairo, it is Areva's newest project in the real estate market, as it has given it with its 38 years of experience all the elements that make it one of the most important malls in the Fifth Settlement, from diverse spaces and a strategic location, and a flexible reservation and installment system that suits most customers, all of this. Very competitive price.

You can reserve a unit with a reservation deposit starting from only 10%, with a very convenient installment period extending up to 7 years.


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Project details Mall Glare New Cairo

Glare Mall location

Choosing New Cairo to build Glare Mall is enough to ensure its success, as it is the most prestigious area in Egypt now, which means huge purchasing power, But Areva was not satisfied with that, but rather chose a location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and on its most famous street ever, 90th Street, which is considered the most important investment site currently, specifically in Plot No. 158, Sector 1. For more details about the Glare N90 St location, follow the following points.


Places near Glare Mall

The Glare Mall project in New Cairo is located minutes from Cairo Festival City.

Glare 5th Settlement is easily accessible from the Fifth Settlement Air Hospital.

The Areva project is about 5 minutes away from the medical district and Nasaem Hospital.

Glare Mall New Cairo is a few minutes away from the banking district and the Monorial Garage.

The Glare Mall project is adjacent to the Areva Mall projects in the Fifth Settlement and East Lane.


Design of the Glair Mall project in New Cairo

The design of the Glair Business Hub was developed by the international engineering design company (MEED), which has implemented important administrative buildings in many countries around the world, such as England, South Korea, and several European countries. The GLARE Health and Wellness Hub consists of 2 underground garages + a ground floor + an elevated ground floor + 5 upper floors. It is also multi-functional, as it includes shops, offices, and clinics.


Area of Glare Mall, New Cairo

The Glare project extends over an area of 6,880 square meters, which is a huge private area, with 70% of it allocated to the landscape and the project’s plaza area to give all units in the GLARE Business Hub wonderful views in addition to the direct view of the mall on the northern 90th street. The interior spaces in Glare Mall are diverse and will meet all needs with the availability of special capabilities for investors. The Glare project’s areas are as follows:

Administrative office space starts from 60 square meters.

As for medical clinics, their area starts from 69 square meters.

The area of the shops starts from 33 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Glare Mall prices in Fifth Settlement

It is rare to buy a unit in an excellent location such as 90th Street at a good selling price like the one offered by the Areva project, as the prices of the Glair Mall in New Cairo are compatible with its location and spaces. The price of an office in the Glare Mall Areva starts from 6,684,150 Egyptian pounds, while the clinic starts from 6,319,040 Egyptian pounds. The price of stores in GLARE Business Hub starts from 8,246,700 Egyptian pounds.


Glare Mall reservation systems

The Glare project has introduced one of the best reservation and installment systems in the malls of the Fifth Settlement, where you can reserve a unit with a reservation deposit starting from only 10% with a very comfortable installment period extending up to 7 years, while receiving your unit in the Glare Business Hub fully finished with air conditioning. The Glare Mall reservation and installment systems are as follows:

10% down payment with an instalment period of up to 5 years.

15% down payment with an installment period up to 6 years.

25% down payment with an installment period of up to 7 years.


Mall Glare New Cairo

Glare 5th Settlement Facilities and Services

Featured services are what always make the difference. When the most famous malls opened in Egypt, they always featured a service such as 4D cinemas, or the ice-skating feature, or including a different group of brands in the same mall without having to go elsewhere, or the advantage of having a famous hypermarket whose presence is sufficient for the mall to gain great fame.

The previous services made all companies compete to provide them to attract customers and investors to buy a unit in their project, and in the following points we will learn about the distinguished services offered by Areva Real Estate Development in Glare Mall, which will make a difference and distinguish Glare N90 St as one of the most famous malls in the Fifth Settlement.

Within the Glare project, you will find the most famous restaurants and cafes serving delicious international dishes.

To achieve the highest degree of security among visitors and customers of Glare Business Hub, you will find security services, guarding, and surveillance cameras throughout the mall.

To prevent crowding in front of the mall, there is a 3-storey garage within the Areva project.

To carry out corporate and office work with ease, you will find high-speed internet in the Areva Glare Mall project.

Of course, Glare N90 St provides central air conditioning for all units.

All units of Glare Mall will enjoy a wonderful view of the gardens and landscape surrounding the mall.

Glare Business Hub also works according to the facility's smart systems due to the availability of modern technologies such as alarm systems and lighting.

In case of a power outage or any emergency, there are electricity generators at Glare 5th Settlement.

For effortless and enjoyable shopping, there are ATM machines throughout the Glare Health and Wellness Hub.

Glare Mall did not forget about the fun for your children, as it provided them with a children’s entertainment area, Kid’s Area.

There are also special halls for holding conferences and major meetings within the Glare Health and Wellness Hub.

For easy movement between the floors of Glare Business Hub, you will find 4 escalators and 3 elevators inside the mall.

There are also 24-hour regular maintenance and cleaning services at the Glare Health and Wellness Hub.

Glare Mall has 3 entrances, 2 of which are for administrative units, and one for medical clinics.


Features of Glare Mall New Cairo

The Areva project offers a wonderful combination of advantages at an excellent price that makes it the top choice of investors looking for a unit for sale in the Fifth Settlement, as it includes the strategic location, modern design, diverse spaces and flexible installment systems, with a company with great experience in the real estate market.


About Areva Real Estate Development Company

Areva Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the Holding Investment Group companies, with successes spanning 38 years in the fields of education, hospitality, and agricultural reclamation. The company’s investments amounted to about 7.2 billion Egyptian pounds, and the company’s board of directors is currently headed by Engineer Amr Yassin.


Mall Glare New Cairo