Floria Compound New Capital

Own your unit now in Floria New Capital Compound from the capital's compounds, which is being established by a large real estate company, Four Seasons Group, which is its first compound after offering 4 important malls in the Administrative Capital, and the company offers luxury residential units of various sizes, in a high-end residential neighborhood, with huge discounts on the price per meter, and long installment systems of up to 10 years.


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Project details Floria Compound New Capital

Location of Floria Compound in the capital

In terms of location, Floria Compound is located on 3 main streets in a strategic area, which is the eighth district R8, specifically in Block L1, which is considered one of the most high-end areas within the New Administrative Capital, and the apartments in this compound are characterized by their beautiful views and proximity to the most famous landmarks of the Administrative Capital.


Places near the apartments

The compound is located about 10 minutes from the embassy district, the exhibition grounds, and the government district.

Compound Floria New Capital is a short walk from the Opera House and the bank complex.

From the compound to the New Administrative Capital Airport, it takes about a third of an hour by car.

The project is located near main roads such as Mohammed bin Zayed South Road.

The compound is located close to the famous Al Masa Hotel and the Green River.

It is also a short distance away from the most famous compounds in the Administrative Capital, such as Golden Yard Compound and Ramatan Compound.


Design and space of Floria Compound

The Floria Compound project occupies a land area of 23 acres in the New Administrative Capital, and the project area has been divided between residential units by no more than 20%, represented by residential buildings consisting of studios, apartments, and duplexes, and on this basis, the prices of apartments in Floria vary, while 80% were distributed to services, facilities, commercial and recreational buildings, and green spaces necessary for the comfort and privacy of the residents.


Areas of Apartments in Floria New Capital

All models and units of Floria for sale are carefully designed to provide the greatest possible optimal space, and the company focused on the designs and spaces of apartments and duplexes to suit all categories, so the areas of apartments in Floria varied to start from 120 m2 up to 334 m2, starting from one bedroom up to 4 bedrooms, for you to choose from the space that suits you.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Floria New Capital prices 2023

The prices of Floria New Capital Compound are unbeatable, as the company provides services, features, and spaces to create a more comfortable and easier environment that is commensurate with the prices of apartments when buying units


Booking Methods in Floria Compound

Four Seasons Group has developed long-term payment systems to reserve Floria apartments in the Administrative Capital with a 5% down payment to suit all levels and facilitate the company for customers, and the installment period of Floria Compound apartments reaches 12 years without interest.


Floria Compound New Capital

Facilities in Floria Compound

The compound offers an integrated set of services and privileges to provide lifestyle needs and create an integrated and advanced environment represented in:

Green spaces and artificial lakes to enjoy beauty, tranquility, and relaxation of nerves.

24-hour security and guarding services, with surveillance cameras.

A secure area for children's games is a few minutes away from Floria Apartments.

There are running, walking and cycling tracks for you to enjoy your favorite outdoor sport freely and safely.

Compound Floria New Capital has a private garage under each building.

The compound provides a commercial area and a group of shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, and a supermarket.

It includes a health club, clubhouse, gym, and swimming pools.

Floria Compound contains a variety of restaurants and cafes to satisfy all tastes.

Enjoy your time on the roof garden of the buildings of Floria Compound.

Medical care was taken care of within the compound, so the company provided medical clinics.

The compound supports environmentally friendly solar power.

You will enjoy security and safety thanks to surveillance cameras, highly trained security personnel, and a fingerprint to enter Floria Compound.

Features of Floria Apartments

Owning an apartment in Floria Compound in installments or cash, will guarantee you many advantages, including living in a strategically located area in the heart of the Administrative Capital, which makes it calmer, more private and sophisticated, while providing a highly secure and secure system, not to mention the beautiful views of the green spaces and landscapes, in addition to the designs of high-end modern apartments, suitable apartment prices, payment systems, and ideal facilities.


About Four Seasons Group, Compound Corporation

Four Season Group Development, which is based on the construction of the compound, is among the largest Egyptian real estate companies, which have established a large number of successful important real estate projects in various places such as the Fifth Settlement, Al-Ahram Gardens, Obour City, 6th of October, and others.

The company's chairmen are: Mr. Michael Al-Asyouti, singer Mohamed Fouad, Engineer Rami Naim, Eng. Mustafa Afifi, Eng. Hani Mounir, Mr. Osama Nabil Wadie, and the engineering consultant Arquette Group, who has designed more than 30 projects in the Administrative Capital, participates in this project.


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Floria Compound New Capital