Elegantry Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

Invest in Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, which is one of the largest and most distinguished malls in the world of real estate investment in the Fifth Settlement. It was established by one of the largest companies specialized in the field of real estate development, with an authentic Egyptian touch, alongside contemporary and modernity.

Elegantry Mall ranked high on the lists of the most investment malls in the commercial field, due to its location in a distinguished location and easy access to it from anywhere. Heliopolis Hodeidah Developers Group was also keen to make the mall one of the most malls in Egypt that relied on modern technology and technology.

In addition, Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, includes many diverse services, including basic services and various entertainment activities that achieve a great deal of luxury and distinction, in addition to the presence of several smart systems that serve Elegantry Mall.

10% down payment for the contract and the longest repayment period of up to 6 years with payment facilities.



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Project details Elegantry Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

Location of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

Eleganterie Mall, Fifth Settlement, is located in the heart of New Cairo, near the school complex in New Cairo, especially the British International School. It is a few minutes away from Teseen Street, which is one of the most lively areas in that region, next to Mobil gas station, and a few seconds away from the largest investment and residential projects of the largest real estate companies.


Places near Elegantry Mall, New Cairo

Elegantry Mall is located steps away from the Ring Road, Suez Road, and K Heights Compound.

Elegantry mall New Cairo is also separated from the New Administrative Capital and Maadi by no more than half an hour.

The location of Elegantry Mall in the Settlement is considered one of the most distinguished locations due to its close proximity to the most prestigious neighborhoods, resorts, and upscale residential areas. It is a great advantage and opportunity for all investors, as it represents a systematic strategy to present a great opportunity on a golden platter.


Space and design of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

Within the framework of the distinguished plan developed by the New Heliopolis Developers Group to provide the exclusive and distinctive, the group presented the largest administrative and commercial project in the heart of New Cairo in the most important areas attracting investment, the Fifth Settlement area.

The group provided an ideal destination for excellence seekers and administrative and commercial decision makers. The group established the Elegantry Medical Mall on the largest area of approximately 5,335 acres, with construction, administrative buildings, and service buildings occupying approximately 47% of the total area of the project.

While the rest of the space was exploited between the landscape, green trees, and areas designated for recreational games, as well as providing more different administrative spaces, which include many different fields, including banking services, exchange offices, many international companies, insurance companies, and many medical clinics in all specialties.

All units in Elegantry Mall are fully finished. The interior and exterior designs were relied upon by the largest engineering consultants in the field of real estate development. The facade was designed from double glazing, relying on an automated and automatic operation system in the event of a power outage, and integrated finishes for the garages.


Unit spaces in Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

The New Heliopolis developer group was keen to develop different designs in a distinctive way according to the need to avoid wasting space, especially in commercial projects, in which the areas allocated for administrative offices start from 45 square meters and reach 2,400 square meters on one floor, according to the client’s need. At a time when commercial spaces start from private spaces up to 2000 square meters to suit the special needs of customers.

Therefore, the New Heliopolis Developers Group Company is considered one of the most competitive companies in the field of real estate development, with the value of the group’s real estate investments exceeding 600 million pounds, through which it has drawn a new face for real estate development with European features, especially after designing its best projects, which is the Cuba Heights project.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Elegantry Mall prices

You can own your commercial or administrative unit inside Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, at the best prices


Payment and settlement systems at Elegantry Mall

Own an ideal unit that works for your comfort in one of the largest commercial and administrative projects in the Fifth Settlement in the heart of New Cairo, with a 10% down payment for contracting and the longest repayment period of up to 6 years, with payment facilities.

The group was keen to choose the best solutions that suit customers, so there is no need to think now and book the ideal unit that you dream of in one of the best upscale and most vibrant areas in the heart of New Cairo.


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Elegantry Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

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Services and facilities of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

Elegantry Mall includes all the services and facilities that made this commercial project one of the most distinguished malls in the Fifth Settlement. Some of these services and facilities are as follows:

Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, has also been equipped with modern fire alarms and immediate and effective handling of thefts and riots, in addition to providing a private parking garage that can accommodate approximately 700 cars.

As for the administrative units, it is an integrated system that operates throughout the day with a fully wired system, lighting and clean, environmentally friendly energy, and it has an electrical panel. Therefore, the walls in the mall were designed to be soundproof and insulated.

The Elegantry Medical Mall was also equipped with electric gates, visitor management and waiting areas.

A large space has also been provided for social clubs, including a jogging area, cafes, and restaurants. Everything you need will be found within the project with ease.

Security and guarding services were also provided 24 hours a day, in shifts, with an integrated team trained at the highest level and using modern security systems.

In addition to using regular maintenance services, especially in high-speed elevators with glass facades or electricity and lighting operating systems in general


The real estate developer of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

The company that owns Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, is the Heliopolis Real Estate Developers Group, which is one of the distinguished companies in the field of real estate in Egypt and the world, as its investments in Egypt alone amount to 600 million pounds. The company has many real estate projects in many new Egyptian cities, which are:

New Korba Compound, New Heliopolis.

Corbinta New Heliopolis Compound.

Korba Heights New Heliopolis Compound.

Business Plus Mall, New Cairo.

Ozone Medical Mall, New Cairo.

Midway New Heliopolis project.

Cairo Capital Center project, Fifth Settlement.

North Plus New Cairo project.

Tivoli New Heliopolis Buildings.


Elegantry Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo