Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement

Own your unit now with Vantage Urban Development, one of its most important projects, which is Century City New Cairo, in which it provides residential units at the highest level of luxury and sophistication, as the compound is characterized by its unique location in the heart of New Cairo, and its spaces that achieve comfort and tranquility to the residents, as well as the prices of Century City Compound are ideal and do not accept competition.

Only 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.



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Project details Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement

Location of Century City project

The location of Century Compound Fifth Settlement was chosen by Vantage was not random, but came according to the vitality and importance of the place, as the compound is located on South Teseen Street located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, which brought it closer to all vital places, and the location of Compound Century City New Cairo contributed to becoming one of the most important projects in the Fifth Settlement.


Nearby Places to Compound Century City New Cairo

Century City Compound is located half an hour from Cairo Airport.

Compound Century City New Cairo is within walking distance of the Middle Road.

The space between Century City and the American University is about 10 minutes.

Century City Compound can be reached from the Administrative Capital in 20 minutes.

Century City Compound is 15 minutes from Heliopolis.

Close to Zed East Compound and Hyde Park Compound.


Design of Century Compound Fifth Settlement

Century City Compound has international and unique designs, which tend to simplicity and sophistication, and are far from stereotypes, because the company was very keen to consider the tastes of customers who are looking for calm and comfort within the units, as these designs combine modern and classic constructions in an integrated and distinctive form, and in Compound Century City, 75% has been allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and landscapes


The space of the Century City New Cairo project

The philosophy of Vantage is based on the diversity of spaces within Compound Century City New Cairo, in order to satisfy all tastes, at the level of all units for sale in the compound, and the space of the units in Century City Compound New Cairo is as follows:


Apartments: the space of apartments in Century City Compound starts from 98 up to 142 meters.

Duplexes: Duplex apartments' space in Compound Century City starts from 162 up to 343 meters.

Penthouses: the space of penthouses in Century City New Cairo ranges from 248 to 350 meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. For the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.

Prices of Century City Compound Fifth Settlement 2023

Vantage for its part seeks to make it easier for customers as much as possible when buying units in Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement, so it worked to provide units at competitive and ideal prices, in a way that enables them to buy units, and the prices of apartments in Century City Compound start from 1,350,000 EGP

Installment Systems in Century City Project

The unique features of Compound Century City New Cairo did not stop at the limit of spaces and prices, but rather extend to reservation and installment systems, in order to facilitate the purchase of units for customers and reduce the financial burdens on them as much as possible, and the installment systems in Century City Compound are as follows:


The first system: 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.

The second system: 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 9 years.

The third system: 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 10 years.

The units of Century City Compound will be received during the year 2026 fully finished


Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement

Facilities in Compound Century City New Cairo

In Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement, there are all the services and facilities that residents need that make their lives easier and easier, and the company has considered in order to achieve this all the details, from small to large details, and these facilities come as follows:

In Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement, there are security and guarding services, in order to provide safety among the residents.

Compound Century City New Cairo has the latest surveillance cameras, for greater stability.

Providing landscapes and green spaces in Century City Compound more, to provide an area of aesthetic views that inspire comfort and luxury.

In the compound, there is a social club that contains a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, to provide more fun and luxury among the residents.

Providing a sports club that contains different types of sports, so that the residents of Century City Compound can practice them easily.

In Compound Century City, there is a large commercial mall, to provide an integrated shopping experience within the compound.

The compound has the most famous international restaurants and brands, to provide all the needs of the residents of the compound.

Century Compound Fifth Settlement contains recreational areas for children, so that they can spend their enjoyable times easily.

Providing walking and bicycle paths away from the main roads, in order to provide a suitable space for lovers of these sports.

In Century City Compound, there are the latest fire extinguishing systems, in order to deal immediately with fire cases.

The compound contains generators at the highest level, so that it is easy to deal with power outages.

Providing maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day and seven days a week in Century City Compound


Features of Century City New Cairo Compound

In Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement, there are all the features that residents are looking for when buying units, starting with the vital and important location, the great diversity of spaces, competitive prices, and convenient installment systems, which start with the lowest installment down payment and the longest repayment period, and all the basic facilities and services attached to the compound have been provided.


Vantage Real Estate Development Company

Vantage Developments is one of the companies with great experience in the Egyptian real estate market, as it was established by the best architectural designers in the world, and the company's projects are characterized by a unique and distinctive design, and have achieved great successes over the past years, to become one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.


Previous Works of Vantage Developments:

Implementation of many important projects in New Cairo.




Century City Compound, Fifth Settlement