Compound Cattleya New Cairo

Live the life you dream of now in Cattleya, Fifth Settlement.

Own your unit now in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square area, 5 minutes from the AUC.

Book now at very competitive prices.

With the lowest reservation advances starting from 0%, and installments up to 8 years.


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Project details Compound Cattleya New Cairo

Compound Cattleya New Cairo

Live the life you dream of now in Cattleya, Fifth Settlement.

Own your unit now in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square area, 5 minutes from the AUC.


Cattleya Compound Arabco

With its great experience in real estate development, whether in Egypt or the UAE, which exceeded 30 years, Arabco became aware of the good and important sites, which makes its projects one of the landmarks of the region, so the company chose the Golden Square area in New Cairo to build Cattleya New Cairo.


Places near Cattleya Arabco Compound

Cattleya Compound New Cairo is only 5 minutes away from Suez Road.

Cattleya Compound New Cairo is just 5 minutes from the American University.

Cattleya Fifth Settlement is 15 minutes away from Cairo Airport.

Cattleya Arabico Compound is very close to the New Administrative Capital.

Also, the Cattleya Arabco project is close to the famous Fifth Settlement compounds such as Hyde Park Fifth Settlement, Mountain View New Cairo, and Zaid Fifth Settlement.


Design of Cattleya Compound Fifth Settlement

Arabco chose the luxurious classic style for the destinations of the buildings of Cattleya Compound Fifth Settlement to restore the splendor of the buildings of European cities and downtown Cairo, and what gave it the modern touch and life are the artificial lakes and landscapes, which will be the most wonderful view for the residents of the Cattleya Fifth Settlement project, and the buildings of Cattleya Compound New Cairo consist of a ground floor + 4 upper floors.


The space of Cattleya Arabco Compound

Cattleya Compound New Cairo extends over an area of 8 acres, 70% of which has been allocated to green spaces, so that the residents of the Cattleya Arabco project can have a natural outlet that helps them rest and tranquility, and Cattleya Compound New Cairo has offered apartments with various areas ranging from 80 to 200 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time


Prices of Cattleya Compound Fifth Settlement

Arabco Compound offers apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement at the best possible price for purchase.

With a luxurious design with a variety of spaces to suit everyone, and services at the highest level of luxury.


Reservation and installments in Cattleya Arabco project

Cattleya New Cairo project offers a flexible installment system to reserve its units, with the lowest possible reservation down payment of 0%, with a long repayment period of up to 8 years, with the receipt of all Cattleya Compound Arabco units within 3 and a half years, after paying 8% maintenance fees.


Compound Cattleya New Cairo

Facilities and services of Cattleya Compound New Cairo

The Emirati element in Arabco Real Estate Development Company contributed to giving its project a different and sophisticated level of services and facilities to be as close as possible to the level of services in Dubai, starting from the establishment of the Cattleya Compound Fifth Settlement project, the company was keen to give its residents a unique experience of living that simulates the existing in the UAE, and the following are the most prominent services of Cattleya Compound New Cairo:


Cattleya Arabco offers vast green spaces and dazzlingly designed gardens to provide the most beautiful view.

Cattleya New Cairo offers swimming pools for adults and children.

The Cattleya Arabco project has been fully secured, by relying on a strong and highly trained security and guarding system.

Cattleya Arabco New Cairo includes a children's entertainment area as well as it has been fully secured.

A sports and social club to spend fun times with the family.

There is a gym and spa for those interested in fitness and sports.

Outdoor's cinema to watch the latest movies outdoors amidst the picturesque nature.

Cattleya Compound Arabco includes an artificial lake that provides an ideal view of the residential units.

Cattleya New Cairo has a dedicated cycling and running area.

The compound has allocated an area for holding barbecues that friends and families love.


Compound Cattleya New Cairo Features

The strategic location of Cattleya Golden Square Compound gives a special place among the projects of New Cairo, in addition, the compound offers a group of apartments of various sizes and sizes and competitive prices with an installment system without a reservation down payment while granting the project a range of luxury services and facilities, to provide an exceptional residential experience in the Fifth Settlement.


About Arabco Properties

Arabco Real Estate Development Company started its journey 28 years ago and over these years, it has succeeded in implementing a group of distinguished real estate projects, which have earned it the appreciation and respect of customers inside and outside Egypt, the company relies on achieving its goals on distinguished engineering expertise and high competencies to meet the requirements of various customers, which contributed to consolidating its position as one of the leading companies in the real estate sector in Egypt.


Previous projects of Arabco Developments Real Estate Company

Mall Livelli New Cairo.

Implementation of many projects in Dubai.

Launching residential projects in New Cairo in Beit Al Watan, Narges and Banafseg.

And because we are always keen to meet your real estate needs with distinctive residential, commercial and administrative units that suit you, we provide our real estate consultations for free to you around the clock, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time.