Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

Own Your Unit in Cecilia Lagoons North Coast is a new coastal project characterized by many different features and services that make the resort comprehensive, in addition to the presence of public facilities, green spaces, landscapes, and also artificial lakes that have an aesthetic and picturesque appearance, if you are a fan of calm and luxury, you now have a village full of this advanced high-end life and international designs, as this village was designed with designs worthy of it and the tastes of all residents in the style Upscale modern, as designed by the best engineers in a global and creative way, Cecilia Lagoons North Coast will become one of the most prominent tourist cities located on the coasts of the Mediterranean, where Ibn Sina Hotels and Tourist Villages has implemented the Cecilia North Coast project in a distinctive and unique strategic location so that it is close to the most important coastal cities and also be easily accessible.

15% down payment and you can pay the rest of the mg in installments equally over 8 years without annual interest.


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Project details Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

Location of Cecilia Lagoons North Coast Resort

The developer of the Cecilia Lagoons North Coast project was keen to choose the unique location to establish its wonderful project on it and be its main headquarters, as it was built in the heart of the North Coast, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and is characterized by the splendor of its design and is close to the most important roads and main freeways that make it easy for you to move easily away from congestion.


Top landmarks near Cecilia Lagoons North Coast Resort:

Cecilia Lagoons project is located at kilo 245 of Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road on Garawla Bay.

Cecilia Lagoons is 20 km from Marsa Matruh.

The village of Cecilia Lagoons is about 160 km from the northern Sajil.

It can only take about 10 minutes to reach the heart of Matrouh.

Cecilia Lagoons project is close to the new Fouka area.


Cecilia Lagoons Village Designs

The company based on the construction of this great edifice was keen to design Cecilia North Coast with the best and latest international designs, and worked to develop important strategies and foundations to build the resort with the best standards and modern engineering standards, where an office of major engineering consultancy offices was used and this was done in order to develop executive plans and creative designs in an innovative way that suits all tastes.

The company also worked on the use of the most skilled experts in the field of engineering and engineering decorations so that the village is designed according to international specifications in a luxurious style and with distinctive international decorations from inside and outside, and this village offers a lot of residential units and all of them enjoy direct and wonderful views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the green spaces of the picturesque nature that the village worked to provide all over the place so that the colors harmonize and give a more wonderful and beautiful view.


Area of Cecilia lagoons North Coast

The largest area of Cecilia Lagoons Village has been chosen to accommodate a large number of services, as it occupies about 123 acres, of which only about 20% has been allocated to buildings and constructions that include various units, including villas, chalets and studios that are designed in wonderful creative ways, which suits all the tastes of customers and fulfills all their desires, and work has been done to create distinctive green spaces within Cecilia Lagoons Coast Resort, which occupies 80% to be represented in gardens and parks with their high trees and beautiful blooming flowers which imparts to it a spirit of exquisite beauty.

Cecilia Lagoons also reaches a depth of 770 square meters, and the length of its beach is 1000 square meters, as it includes many recreational services and distinctive service facilities in order to enjoy a distinctive summer atmosphere and spend the best times in it.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and payment systems advertised inside Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

Cecilia Lagoons is unique in many unparalleled diverse features and services, as it works to meet the needs of customers, and this is represented in the special prices announced by Ibn Sina, the owner of the Cecilia Lagoons Coast project,

The company has also developed easy payment plans to serve its customers, which are flexible, which helps customers own units with ease and effortlessly, and it is based on convenient installments for the longest possible period of up to 9 years


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Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

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Services and features of Cecilia Lagoons North Coast

Ibn Sina Company for Hotels and Tourist Villages offers a wide range of recreational and basic services in the village of Cecilia Lagoons North Coast and also the public facilities that are indispensable in any other village, in addition to providing some features and commercial areas that work to meet the desires of customers, and also the company did not forget the entertainment aspect by providing some entertainment places that suit everyone.

Among these existing services are the following:

Wide green spaces and landscapes on huge areas.

Crystal Lagoons is about 3000 meters amidst greenery.

Swimming pools vary in shapes and sizes and also suit all age groups.

Other swimming pools for ladies are fully covered.

A beach area with all beach games that suit everyone, and also 2 aqua parks.

Sandy beach on an area of 1000 square meters.

5-star hotels that serve visitors to Cecilia Lagoons Village.

A large mosque in the Islamic style that can accommodate many worshipers.

A special walkway for running and walking, and you can also ride bicycles.

A large entertainment area for children and also a high level of security.

Areas designated for fishing, diving, and a yacht marina.

A health club with a sauna and jacuzzi, as well as equipped with the latest distinctive devices and equipment.

A high-level gym equipped with the latest technology and sports equipment.

Restaurants and cafes area.

A commercial mall that provides the most famous stores of international brands.

A hypermarket to meet household necessities also operates throughout the day.

A pharmacy with all medical supplies and medicines and also operates throughout the day.

Clinics equipped at a high medical level for emergencies.

A sports club with multiple courts to practice all sports such as tennis, football, and golf.

Electric elevators to move within the units of Cecilia Lagoons.

Sound alarms that work when a fire or similar is detected.

Private garage for parking in safety and security.

Security and guard personnel at a high physical level and also available 24 hours a day.

Surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day.


About the real estate developer

Ibn Sina Company for Hotels and Tourist Villages, which is one of the largest real estate companies that compete in the Egyptian real estate market, as it is an Egyptian joint stock company and is considered the origin of the company in the field of construction and contracting, and also has a distinguished and well-known precedent in the field of urban development, and Ibn Sina Company for Hotels and Tourist Villages is keen to provide every new and advanced mil to its customers and also provide a high level of luxury, so the company was able to gain the trust of many customers and this is due to what The company's offering of huge coastal projects,


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Cecilia Lagoons North Coast