Cavo Ain Sokhna

Own your unit now in Cavo Ain Sokhna, the city of magic and beauty on Egyptian lands, which was implemented by Travco for Development and Real Estate Investment to provide a wonderful destination that combines residential units and the beauty of picturesque nature, as Cavo Ain Sokhna Resort is located on the top of an isolated mountain overlooking the waters of the Red Sea, and providing luxury units that give guests a comfortable and quiet stay, and Cavo Ain Sokhna is characterized by its moderate climate throughout the year and many flocked to it to spend the happiest times with family members and close friends.

Cavo Ain Sokhna is one of the most important coastal villages in the region, which contains a huge amount of services and advantages that provide amenities and luxury and give residents the opportunity to relax on the picturesque landscapes, and the developer was keen to provide real investment opportunity for businessmen and ambitious investors, in addition to imaginary prices that are out of competition and flexible payment systems.

Pay a reservation down payment of 5% of the total value with the rest over 7 years without any financial interest.


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Project details Cavo Ain Sokhna

The distinguished location of the CAVO project

Choosing Cavo for the summer vacation is the ideal choice for spending the summer vacation or investing to book a unit in Ain Sokhna, so the developer was keen to choose the appropriate geographical location to attract customers and businessmen, near the most important cities and vital roads that make it easy for all customers, and the height of Cavo Ain Sokhna is 110 meters above the Red Sea.


Top landmarks near Cavo Travco Properties:

The distance between Cavo Ain Sokhna and Blumar Hills Ain Sokhna is only about 3 minutes.

Easy to go from Cavo Ain Sokhna to IL Monte Galala within 10 minutes.

The location of Cavo is characterized by vast green spaces that enhance a sense of calm and psychological comfort, as it was built on the highest high mountain peak and the highest sea level, giving the units a panoramic view of the shores of the Red Sea.


Unique architectural design Cavo Elain Elsokhna

The most important feature of Cavo Travco Ain Sokhna Resort is its unique designs that match the beauty of international cities, as the developer assigned the task of designing and implementing Cavo to a group of the most important human cadres of engineers and architects, following modern technological methods and using modern construction equipment and high-quality raw materials, and this is reflected in the beauty of the decorations and interior finishes of the units and the use of cheerful colors that add a touch of beauty to the place.


The spaces that Cavo offers you to choose what suits you

Cavo Ain Sokhna was implemented on an area of about 80 acres, and this is a very huge space that enables the developer to offer many units of different sizes so that the customer can choose what suits his needs, and you can learn about the unit prices in Cavo Ain Sokhna through the following points:

The space of small chalets or spacious chalets with one or two rooms starts from 82 square meters up to 167 square meters.

While the space of the spacious villas in Kavo Ain Sokhna, consisting of 4 or 5 rooms, starts from 324 square meters with a wonderful view of the sea water.

The space of the townhouses A starts from 244 square meters, and the land space allocated to them is estimated at 208 square meters.

As for the space of the townhouses starting from 278 square meters, while the land space allocated to them ranges from 200 square meters up to 230 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices to suit all budgets

As soon as you hear the prices of Cavo Ain Sokhna, you will be impressed, despite the luxury of the Travco Properties Ain Sokhna project, you will find the prices lower than you expect, as the developer was keen to satisfy its customers by providing many services and advantages in exchange for the best price for the units offered for sale, to facilitate the purchase process for customers in light of the current high prices


Cavo Elain El sokhna Payment Systems

Its payment systems are flexible so that the customer can obtain his unit easily without incurring any financial burdens, as the customer can obtain his unit by paying a reservation down payment of 5% of the total value with the rest paid over 7 years without any financial interest.


Cavo Ain Sokhna

Cavo Travco Sokhna Advanced and Integrated Services

Enjoy spending the most enjoyable times with all your family members amidst many amenities and amenities within Cavo Ain Sokhna Resort, which was specially designed for you to get the highest amount of entertainment and entertainment through many unique services that it enjoys, the most important of which are:

The presence of a group of modern restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food from international and local cuisines in Travco Ain Sokhna.

For all shopping lovers, there is a huge commercial mall within Cavo Village that includes a number of various stores that offer the finest types of goods and services, entertainment and basic, and a group of the most famous brands and international brands that suit all tastes.

The spread of pharmacies that provide medicine and medical and cosmetic supplies that customers need throughout the day in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna.

In order to ensure the safety of visitors at Cavo Travco Ain Sokhna Resort, medical clinics that provide the best treatment services have been provided by integrated medical teams.

The presence of well-known banking and banking branches that visitors to Cavo Ain Sokhna resort deal with in order to carry out their financial transactions easily.

To buy home items and food supplies in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna, a huge hypermarket was provided that includes everything visitors need.

Guests at Travco Properties Ain Sokhna receive high-level skin and body care services at the best full-service spas with luxury spa and sauna units.

The sports club is for sports lovers to be able to do various exercises that maintain their physical health with qualified sports trainers at Cavo Sokhna Resort.

Aquapark includes various water and recreational games such as a water slide and others, so that guests in Cavo Ain Sokhna Village can have fun with family members and their close friends.

For lovers of adventure and excitement, there is a well-secured paragliding to provide a high degree of fun and entertainment at Cavo Ain Sokhna Resort.

A five-star hotel with a charming view of the turquoise sea to provide the best hotel services to the guests of Cavo Ain Sokhna.

Conference hall equipped with the latest audio and display equipment to hold important meetings, seminars and private parties in Cavo Sokhna.

Theaters equipped to receive celebrities and stars for summer concerts in the village of Koufa Ain Sokhna.

Yacht marina for fishing trips in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna, diving in the depths of the Red Sea, and watching coral reefs.

The presence of a dedicated area for charging cars powered by electric energy in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna.

The maintenance team that works throughout the day in order to fix any malfunction in the units of Cavo Sokhna Resort and provide a stable life for guests.

To provide all amenities for the guests of Cavo Ain Sokhna, there are places equipped to receive pets and take care of their affairs so that their owners feel reassured.

Sports fields in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna for visitors to practice football, tennis, volleyball, and other various sports.

Yoga centers in Cavo Sokhna project are equipped with all the capabilities that provide the highest levels of calm and relaxation.

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Advantages of the Cavo project

Travco Real Estate Development Company was not limited to the privileged location of Cavo Sokhna Village, which makes it close to all important and basic services and facilities in Ain Sokhna, but has allocated within it an infinite amount of services and advantages that are not found anywhere else, and the most prominent of these advantages are the following:


An integrated security system that includes guards deployed throughout the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna throughout the day to provide a high degree of protection and security for guests.

The appropriate strategic location for the Kavo Sokhna project, which gives the units a charming view of the clear sea water and charming landscapes.

Installing high-resolution surveillance cameras to monitor all movements in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna to preserve property and the safety of facilities.

The presence of tracks designated for cycling and sports in the Cavo Sokhna project and the distance from the public road for cars in order to preserve the safety of guests.

Kids Area includes games suitable for children's ages so that they can carry out various recreational activities and secure them greatly in Kavo Travco Ain Sokhna.

Spacious spaces for barbecues and providing them with all the necessary equipment so that guests in Cavo Ain Sokhna can enjoy their time.

The presence of central air conditioning that pumps cold air in Cavo Sokhna and reduces the severity of heat.

High-speed internet that enables guests in Cavo Ain Sokhna to communicate with the outside world and accomplish their daily tasks.

Huge places of worship to hold religious rites throughout the day in the resort of Cavo Sokhna and attention to preventive measures to prevent the spread of diseases.

ATMs that facilitate withdrawals and deposits in Cavo Ain Sokhna.

Electric power generators that automatically operate the village of Cavo Sokhna in the event of a power outage.

The presence of a modern integrated security system that works automatically in the event of a fire in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna and maintaining the safety of guests.

Building spacious garages so that guests in Cavo Village can park their cars comfortably in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance.

Providing places designated for collecting garbage and waste in Cavo Ain Sokhna Resort to provide a comfortable and clean environment for visitors.

Multiple entry and exit gates from Cavo Ain Sokhna to prevent congestion in front of the Travco Properties Ain Sokhna project.

Swimming pools that have been creatively designed to suit all age groups in Cavo Ain Sokhna.

The presence of wheelchairs that help visitors in the village of Cavo Sokhna so that they can roam without being harmed.

The first aid team equipped to deal with emergency cases and maintain the safety of visitors in the village of Cavo Ain Sokhna.

The Travco Properties Ain Sokhna project is characterized by its proximity to the most important vital areas that enable visitors to move from it to any other place with ease.

The presence of a variety of units with international designs of varying sizes in Cavo Ain Sokhna Resort.

Announcing competitive prices within the reach of everyone and flexible payment systems in the Cavo Sokhna project.


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Travco Company for Development and Real Estate Investment is the owner company of Cavo Ain Sokhna Village, which is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate development that was established in Egypt, to implement many successful projects that are characterized by their unique designs that match the international architectural style, the owner company was able to make a history full of successful projects over more than 25 years, as the company was established in 2014 It includes a group of distinguished cadres and includes more than 60 employee

The most important projects implemented by it include:

Almaza Bay North Coast.

Travco Real Estate Development Company owns lands of about 16 million square meters, a large part of which has developed and provided everything customers are looking for in the heart of one place, as the developer aims to expand on the coasts and establish many projects that enable it to attract the largest number of customers.





Cavo Ain Sokhna