BOHO Resort El Sokhna

Own your unit now in BOHO Resort Ain Sokhna Resort BOHO El Sokhna where the creations offered by Astro Real Estate do not stop, as it recently launched one of the most luxurious coastal resorts, A, which is classified as an integrated architectural panel, each part of it carries a unique character, as it was specially designed for those looking for comfort and recreation in the lap of the picturesque nature, in addition to that the prices of Boho Sokhna are competitive.

A 10% down payment is paid and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years



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Project details BOHO Resort El Sokhna

Location of BOHO El Sokhna Resort

Atrek was keen to provide an integrated community in the village of Boho Ain Sokhna, which was evident in the location it chose on Al-Zaghafrana Road, one of the most vital places in Ain Sokhna, and the location of Boho Village made it easy to reach from more than one road


Resort Nearby Places

Boho Sokhna Resort is about 3 minutes away from El Galala Road.

The distance between Resort BOHO El Sokhna and Cairo is about 80 minutes by car.

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort is 20 km away from Porto Sokhna.

The resort is about 45 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

The resort is close to Gbay Village and La Sirena Palm Beach Village.


Design of Boho Ain Sokhna Resort

Boho Sokhna Resort is distinguished by its modern designs in order to be suitable for customers, who are looking for beauty, sophistication, and comfort, and try to exploit the aesthetic view of the village according to the latest international constructions, and its designs have combined with its direct location on the sea, making it more like a unique architectural masterpiece among Ain Sokhna projects, and the design of Resort BOHO El Sokhna comes as follows:

Boho Sokhna was established on an area of 20 acres.

The length of the beach at Resort BOHO El Sokhna is about 250 meters.

It was built on an area of 20% and 80% dedicated to green spaces and landscaping.

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort was built on 3 levels so that all units have a panoramic view of the sea.

Various units are available in Boho Sokhna, between chalets, twin houses, and standalone villas.


The space of Boho Ain Sokhna Resort

The large space that has been allocated to Resort BOHO El Sokhna has been given a great opportunity to provide diversity in the spaces of the units, because the company aims to give the opportunity to buy units in Boho Sokhna Resort to the largest number of customers, and the space of the units in the resort comes as follows:

One-room chalet: units space in Boho Sokhna Resort starts from 47 up to 59 square meters.

Two-Bedroom Chalet: Units space in BOHO Resort starts from 79 m² up to 116 m².

3-room chalet: units space in Boho Ain Sokhna Resort starts from 114 m² up to 149 m².

Duplex units: the space of the units in Boho Ain Sokhna starts from 146 m² up to 187 m².

Twin House Villas: Units space in Resort BOHO starts from 230 m² up to 250 m².

Standalone Villas: Units Space in Boho Ain Sokhna Resort starts from 322 m².


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Boho Sokhna Resort prices 2023

The company did not neglect the prices in Boho Sokhna Resort, so it was keen to be appropriate and reasonable, so that it provides the opportunity for the largest number of investors to be present in the resort, and to facilitate customers as much as possible in owning units that meet their ambitions


Ways to book Boho Sokhna Chalets

Astro puts the satisfaction of its customers in the first place and above any consideration, so it has taken care of providing a convenient program in booking and installments within Boho Ain Sokhna Resort, because it wants to make it easier for customers to buy units in the resort, and the payment and installment systems come in Boho Ain Sokhna, so that a 10% down payment is paid and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years.


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BOHO Resort El Sokhna

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Facilities in BOHO Ain El Sokhna

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort is an integrated community, and that phrase did not come from a vacuum, because the company was keen to provide all the facilities and services that customers need within Boho Sokhna Resort, and these services come as follows:

Boho Sokhna Resort has swimming pools at the highest level, to provide space for swimming lovers in private areas.

Resort BOHO El Sokhna has green spaces and landscapes, so that an aesthetic view is provided for lovers of comfort and sophistication.

Providing security and guarding services in Boho Ain Sokhna Resort, in order to achieve safety among the residents.

The resort includes the latest surveillance cameras, so everything is captured and filmed to increase safety among the residents.

The resort includes a commercial area, in order to provide everything, the residents need and conduct shopping effortlessly.

Boho Sokhna Resort contains Aqua Park, which has all the games that suit children.

Providing spaces in Resort BOHO El Sokhna, in order to practice various sports.

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort includes places to relax, which help achieve well-being and recreation.

The resort has a restaurant area that contains the most famous brands, in order to provide everything the residents need.

Resort BOHO El Sokhna incorporates the latest fire extinguishing systems, so fires are dealt with immediately.

Providing maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day and seven days a week in Boho Sokhna Resort.


Benefits of BOHO El Sokhna Resort

Boho Sokhna Resort has all the features that customers are looking for in a place where they spend enjoyable times, starting with the ideal location, the great variety of unit spaces, as well as the competitive prices that have been provided, and convenient installment systems, and the company has provided all the facilities and services they need within the resort.


About Atric Real Estate Development Company

Atric Developments, one of the companies with great experience of more than 20 years, has changed its name from modern to this name, and Atric Real Estate has implemented many residential and commercial units through which it meets the needs of Egyptian families, and the company's projects are characterized by using the finest designs, in addition to high-quality building materials.


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BOHO Resort El Sokhna