B Square Mall 5th Settlement  New Cairo

Invest with Azzam Real Estate Development Company, which established B Square Mall, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, after its project in the Administrative Capital achieved several successes recognized by all. To meet the demand of its customers to be present in the Fifth Settlement through the B Square Mall project, which offers what investors dream of in terms of a distinguished location with services at the highest level and a dazzling design at the lowest prices.

The down payment is 15% in installments over 5 years.


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Project details B Square Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

Location of B Square Mall, New Cairo

B Square Mall, New Cairo, is built on an area of 1,350 square meters in the first sector on South 90th Street, directly next to the Microsoft building.


Places near B Square Mall, New Cairo:

B Square Mall, New Cairo, is located in the heart of South 90th Street, Sector 1, the banking and restaurant complex, in front of the National Bank, next to Microsoft, the busiest area in the Fifth Settlement.


Area of B Square Mall, New Cairo:

Ground + 4 floors with 2 basements

Ground and first floor: commercial duplex

Second, third and fourth floor: administrative and medical units


Administrative spaces starting from 54 square meters

Medical spaces start from 54 square meters

Commercial spaces starting from 211 square meters


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Payment methods for B Square Mall New Cairo:

Down payment: 15%

Installment years: 5 years

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B Square Mall 5th Settlement  New Cairo

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Services and features of B Square Mall, New Cairo

they have spacious meeting rooms available inside the building for all traditional purposes,

While our rooftop is designed for entertainment purposes complete with a swimming pool, restaurant and café to enjoy the beauty of the sky while relaxing,

Also, a break area has been created. It is always good to have a coffee break area.

Also next to your workstation to make sure you never lose focus and are always ready to do a great job,

While there is a parking lot, parking spaces were provided over a span of 2 floors to meet all the needs of all visitors and staff.

Facilities are also provided for our guests and employees alike to make it a comfortable and memorable experience.

Where there is an ATM center, maintenance is available throughout the year 24/7, complete firefighting for greater safety, and central air conditioning.

There is also Wi-Fi on all floors and bathrooms on all floors.

Later, there is a private entrance for the administrative and medical office, separate from the commercial one, and fully finished offices and clinics, 2 elevators and an emergency staircase.

Finally, each floor has a meeting room or cafeteria, bathrooms for each floor, and a bathroom for each unit.



An overview of the developing company

Thus, Azzam Real Estate Development Company was established in 1999.

For nearly 25 years, it has been able to construct and develop 34 buildings and 1,000 commercial and residential units.

Having reached 1000 clients, Azzam Development is reporting strong and steady developments in terms of projects,

Because the growth of the company during 25 years of its history, Azzam Development Company has grown in various residential, commercial and administrative fields.

As architecture has witnessed significant growth, services and facilities have followed buildings,

Also to achieve a complete and satisfactory experience for residents and customers,

Therefore, these projects were in a prominent position, the N Shopping Center and B Square Mall in New Cairo.


Azzam Company’s previous work

While having a strong business history of more than 15 years,

They have them in Helwan, they have them in Maadi, and they have them in Al-Tagamo’.

It also has other sites such as Al Gharb Golf, Lotus Village, and Narges Village.

Then, in addition to these projects, the company provided complete interior finishing services.

But I was able to complete many projects ranging from private residential villas to administrative offices.

Azzam Development Company also aims to expand its activities within new initiatives in Egypt.

Or through the Egyptian government, which is expected to witness tremendous growth in the next decade, the vision of an architect to build everything,

Finally mastering Azzam's high development goals and achieving this vision, now it is time for regional expansion


B Square Mall 5th Settlement  New Cairo