Azad Compound New Cairo

Own your unit in Azad New Cairo Compound, one of the best real estate projects that are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and creativity in design in the style of the best compounds around the world.

The company that owns the project was also keen to choose a privileged location for the Azad New Cairo project that can be easily connected to and from it, so if you are looking for fun, luxury, and international services in Azad New Cairo Compound, it is the perfect choice for you, and below we show you all the information and details about the compound.

10% down payment and installments up to 6 years



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Project details Azad Compound New Cairo

Location of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement

Azad New Cairo project is located directly behind the American University building in New Cairo and overlooks the giant residential and service projects there, and Azad New Cairo is considered one of the most prominent residential communities that provide an exceptional living experience, which puts it at the forefront of residential projects in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area.

Tameer Azad Compound has chosen a suitable strategic location for its implementation, near the most important vital areas and cities, and service facilities that meet the needs of various customers, the location of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement was carefully chosen to provide easy access to the main vital areas, such as schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers.

Azad Compound also enjoys proximity to recreational areas and parks, which ensures an integrated lifestyle that meets the needs of customers.


Places near Azad New Cairo Compound

Azad New Cairo is just 5 minutes away from 90th Street.

The Azad Fifth Settlement project is also a few minutes away from Cairo Festival and Al Rehab City.

A few minutes separate Azad New Cairo from Nasr City and Cairo International Airport


Design of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement

The designs of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement are characterized by innovation and uniqueness, as it has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional and unique residential environment, and the urban design is unique in elegance and renewal, with a harmonious combination of modern architectural elements and luxurious details, and it is also characterized by an innovative layout that includes large green spaces and various gardens, which creates a calm and refreshing atmosphere for the residents.

In addition, the residential units have been strategically distributed to provide privacy and open spaces, while providing amazing landscapes from all sides, and the developer did not forget to provide integrated facilities within the compound, including wonderful swimming pools, children's areas, sports centers, restaurants, and cafes, providing a life experience full of luxury.


It can be said that the design of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement is perfect and harmonious, combining urban beauty and picturesque nature, and providing a luxurious urban environment that meets the diverse needs of the residents, it is an ideal place to live and enjoy modern life in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, do not miss the opportunity to change your life for the better now.


The space of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement

The area of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement is about 19 acres, and it includes 530 residential units of different sizes and designs to satisfy all tastes, desires, and purchasing powers, in addition to the different exterior designs, and the company did not neglect to consider the quality and luxury in the interior designs of the units.


The space of the units of Azad Compound

The areas of the residential units in Azad Compound in the Fifth Settlement start from 140 square meters and exceed 260 square meters in penthouses and villas, and this diversity meets all the desires of customers.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Azad Compound

The compound has many features that make it one of the best projects in the region, starting from its privileged location, through the diversity of its units, to the amount of facilities and services available, and the prices came to add a new feature to the features that the compound enjoys, starting from 3,600,000 EGP.

Prices are very competitive when compared to the prices of other projects in the region, and prices vary according to the types and area of units, all to suit different categories.


Payment Systems in Azad Compound Fifth Settlement

The company that owns Azad Compound in the Fifth Settlement was keen to provide a variety of payment and payment systems that are highly suitable for its customers, as they are unparalleled diverse, as they are as follows:

10% down payment and installments up to 4 years.

25% down payment and installments up to 5 years.

40% down payment and installments up to 6 years.


Azad Compound New Cairo

Services and features of the Azad New Cairo project


Azad Compound Fifth Settlement contains many countless services and features, which meet the comfort, pleasure, and well-being of the residents, and the executing company of Azad New Cairo was keen to provide vast green spaces for the comfort and enjoyment of the residents of the compound.

Each residential unit of the Azad Fifth Settlement project on the ground floor has its own garden in addition to the public green spaces that include paths dedicated to walking, sitting, cycling, and service yards.

A large part of the land of the Azad New Cairo project has also been allocated for many commercial and recreational services, such as swimming pools of different sizes and shapes, and sports fields of all kinds.

The Azad Fifth Settlement project has special yards for barbecue and parties, a huge commercial mall that includes most international and local brands of different industries, hypermarkets, playgrounds, and special playgrounds for children to provide a pleasant atmosphere for them and to ensure their safety and security.

The Azad New Cairo project also includes a cinema, special tracks for bicycles and others for running away from car tracks, places designated for sitting, relaxing, and enjoying nature, and the following are all the services and features that the compound contains:

24-hour security and guarding equipped with all modern security devices and systems.

Private garages and parking spaces for the residents of the compound.

Main gates of the project.

Specialized cleaning services.

Fire and disaster alarms.

Swimming pools of different shapes and dimensions.

Sports fields suitable for different activities.

Barbecue spaces, summer parties and private parties.

A diverse shopping mall for marketing lovers.

Children's playgrounds and playgrounds.

Social Park is located in Azad Compound.

In addition to the presence of yoga area.

Places of worship are available in Azad Compound.

Bike and running lanes.

The company also provided luxurious marble and marble stone destinations.

Azad Central Shower Matv is also available.

There is also a landscape designed by engineer Mona Hussein.

There is a recreational park with a playground, swimming pool and kids’ area


Benefits of owning a unit in Azad New Cairo

The compound's vital location in the Fifth Settlement, which is located near the most famous landmarks in the region.

The great importance of the Fifth Settlement, due to the number of features that it characterizes, which attract many investors to implement their projects in it.

The competitive prices that have been offered to the compound, in addition to the facilities that have been provided to help customers own a unit.

Flexible payment systems.

The distinguished designs of the project, which made it one of the finest compounds in the region.

The multiplicity of types and spaces of residential units to suit different customers.

The charming views that the residential units enjoy on the green spaces and landscapes, which provides an atmosphere of tranquility and privacy.

Owning a unit in Azad Compound is a successful investment opportunity compared to the amount of facilities and services available in it, in addition to the fact that prices are constantly increasing over time.


The Owner Company of Azad Compound Fifth Settlement

The Azad Fifth Settlement project is the latest real estate launch of Tameer Real Estate Housing and Construction Company on Egyptian lands, so that Azad New Cairo Compound becomes an extension of a long list of the company's track record of real estate achievements.

The company was established in 1945 under the name of the Development and Engineering Consultancy Company (DECC), thus becoming one of the oldest real estate development and housing companies in Egypt.

Over the course of all this history, the company has delivered more than twenty thousand high-end housing units, in addition to its participation in many housing units projects for middle-income people, in addition to nearly 750 units still under construction and development, and many more.

On top of them are the projects of Dyar 1 Compound, Dyar 2 Compound, Zawiya Elite Villas in 6th of October, the residential complex in City View, development construction projects at Al Shams Club, The Oberoi Hotel and Meridian Hotel, Sayyidna Al Hussein Center


Azad Compound New Cairo