Aster Compound New Cairo

Own your unit in Aster Compound New Cairo is one of the most prominent and latest real estate development projects launched by Times in New Cairo.

It should also be noted that Times Developments has offered a variety of prices and different payment plans, giving an opportunity for many customers to own units in Aster Compound New Cairo, the compound that offers this luxury residential experience.

Pay 10% down payment and installments over 8 years



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Project details Aster Compound New Cairo

Location of the Aster Compound, New Cairo

Aster Residence Compound Fifth Settlement was established as one of the large residential projects on a large area in order to provide distinctive residential units. The developer was keen to choose a good location for the project, in order to provide ease of transportation for customers, without the need to make any effort and avoid congestion.

The headquarters of Aster Sheikh Zayed Compound joins many of the prominent characteristics of the compound, as it is characterized by its location in Golden Square next to the Galleria, Mivida and Lake View complexes, as well as Azzar Compound in New Cairo.

The location is characterized by its location close to all the high-end neighborhoods in New Cairo, which include various services that are important for the residents. Below, we will show you the most important landmarks and nearby areas.

Aster project is located in the Golden Square area in the Fifth Settlement, which is one of the most vital areas in Cairo and has many advantages, the most important of which are the following.


Places near Aster Compound

This area is characterized by tranquility, sophistication, and distance from the hustle.

The Golden Square area is located directly on Teseen Street.

It is close to all major roads, facilities and services.

Aster Compound is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

Aster New Cairo is 20 minutes from Ain Sokhna.

Aster Residence is 10 minutes away from Nasr City and the New Administrative Capital.


Design and space of Aster Residence Compound Fifth Settlement

Aster Compound Golden Square New Cairo is meticulously designed by Times Developments to accommodate all classes demanding luxury and luxury housing in one residential project.

Aster Compound new cairo expands in providing all the necessary and recreational services to ensure a unique stay for the residents. An area of approximately 35 acres has been allocated to the compound, where most of the space is located on green spaces and landscapes.

In addition to providing all the necessary facilities for the Aster New Cairo project with the highest possible quality, the remaining space will be distributed to the buildings, which indicates the company's interest in providing all the amenities and privacy that may be absent in other real estate projects in which the buildings are built next to each other.

The project shows precision in design and attention to the smallest details required by customers wishing to live luxuriously.

Aster New Cairo Compound, developed by Times Developments, seeks to meet the desires of customers by providing a wide variety of different units of multiple sizes. The company's goal is to provide an atmosphere of luxury and satisfaction in all aspects of Aster Residence New Cairo.


The space of the apartment units varied between:

Single room: with an area of 85 square meters.

Two rooms: with an area ranging from 122 square meters to 145 square meters.

Three rooms: with an area from 150 m² up to 190 m².

Penthouses: with a space of 250 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Aster Compound Fifth Settlement

The company that obtained the project was keen to prepare an unprecedented competitive price set, so that these prices vary according to the type and area of the unit, to give each customer the luxury and distinction he seeks, and these prices start from 5,300,000 Egyptian pounds, fully commensurate with the conditions and needs of all visitors.

Aster Compound is one of the distinctive residential places, as it has many features that made it one of the best residential projects within the Fifth Settlement area. The wonderful location of the compound is characterized by the luxurious designs that it features, in addition to that, its excellent price makes it unique in its kind.

Times continues to provide its services with all its advantages, in addition, the company provides amenities and facilitation, by offering a unique and unique payment system in New Cairo. This comes in order to meet all customer needs in the best ways and methods, and this system includes a set of systems that pay with a high degree of security and savings.

The company provides many payment and payment methods to facilitate investors, as it allows the possibility of paying a simple down payment, the remaining installments over 8 years, and delivery within two years. Which makes payment systems accessible to everyone, and the payment systems came in detail as follows:

The customer pays a down payment in Aster Compound of 10% of the unit value + 10% upon receipt + and pays the remaining amount over 8 years.


In addition, there are maintenance expenses of 8% of the unit value.

There are huge discounts in case of cash payment, 30% of the total amount is deducted.

The units within Aster Compound are delivered after two years from the date of contracting.


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Aster Compound New Cairo

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Services of Aster Compound Fifth Settlement

Aster New Cairo has many fancy restaurants and cafes, where they enjoy the supervision of the most famous distinguished chefs.

The largest number of security and guard men has been appointed to ensure safety and security in the area of the compound, ASTER, Fifth Settlement, where they extend in all different directions.

Surveillance cameras inside Aster Compound are equipped to work around the clock and monitor all movements inside it.

A special area for young children has been established that contains safe and fun games for children's entertainment in Aster Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

The property has a large gym that provides many services for entertainment such as a jacuzzi room and spa areas, and is operated by a group of experts.

Attention was taken to the health of the customers of Aster Sheikh Zayed Compound when providing wonderful medical clinics equipped with the latest technology and integrated in all different parts.

There is a large pharmacy to serve the residents throughout the day and night, and it provides many pharmaceutical specialties within Aster Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Major malls and hypermarkets have all the premium food commodities that eliminate the need to search for them anywhere else.

There is a clothing store with different international brands suitable for all ages, where all different sizes are provided.

Large and spacious garages have been provided to protect the residents' cars, and can accommodate the largest number of them, in order to preserve them.

A social community designed to meet friends and families and establish relationships with comprehensive recreational services.

Maintenance services are carried out to the highest standards around the clock for all buildings located in the Aster project.

A mosque with a unique Islamic style and a large size is designed to allow a large number of worshipers to perform worship in it.

High-tech electric elevators were created with the aim of providing complete comfort to customers, and are equipped to move between floors easily and without being subjected to stress.

A dedicated area for cars is provided for the purpose of preventing accidents and paving roads within Aster Sheikh Zayed Compound, and a pedestrian space is granted in a place away from cars, in order to protect the residents.

There are public gardens with benches and scattered around them green spaces with the aim of relaxing and clearing the mind.

A special bicycle lane away from the road designated for cars has been equipped with the aim of maintaining the safety of citizens in Aster Residence New Cairo.

Special sports fields are equipped to practice various sports and enjoy the best times when playing favorite sports.


Advantages of investing inside Aster Compound New Cairo

The Aster Compound New Cairo project was presented, and it is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods. This project, along with many mega projects, is designed to occupy a privileged position at the heart of large residential projects. This project was distinguished by its ideal geographical location in the middle of lively and crowded areas with people and movement. The owner company provided many advantages and distinguished resources for the project.

This huge residential project was built on a large area to include many diverse residential units and service facilities, and this allows its residents in Aster Compound to enjoy a quiet and beautiful life. In addition, there are large green spaces in the project distributed among all buildings, and this helps to calm the nerves and comfort the eye, and provide charming landscapes.

In addition to the presence of the best engineering and urban designs for all buildings to take advantage of the total area of the Ester project - Fifth Settlement, all units have wonderful and elaborate decorations in the luxurious international design. This is done to serve its inhabitants and ensure their well-being.

Owning a residential unit within Aster Residence Compound in New Cairo is a rare investment opportunity, as the complex is characterized by providing all basic services and various recreational activities that contribute to achieving luxury and happiness.

Ideal pricing in line with the general economic conditions of investors has been provided and studied by the owners of the Aster Compound project accurately, in addition to providing booking and payment options of up to 8 years, which are amazing.


The real estate developer of the Aster Fifth Settlement project, Aster Compound

Aster New Cairo Compound is one of the projects of Times Development, a leader in the field of real estate development.

The company has appeared significantly in recent years, and its work is distinguished by the quality of design and ingenuity of implementation. The company provides apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement and many other areas that many clients and investors are searching for.

The founding of this company goes back to Ahmed Abdel Latif and Marwan Gaber, who were interested in developing the company and bringing it to the top of the competition in the Egyptian market.

The company is seeking to implement the Aster Residence Fifth Settlement project, where the first phase will be launched soon to provide many apartments, villas and penthouses as a continuation of its previous work in Sheikh Zayed.


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Aster Compound New Cairo