Aria Compound Mostakbal City

Own your unit now in Aria Mostakbal City, one of the strongest residential projects of Al-Ahly sabbour Developments, which has a stock of successful projects that have achieved a lot of success for it and its customers, as it combined stability and tranquility in its residential projects, which many families and individuals were looking for.

Area Mostakbal City Compound is characterized by its geographical location located in one of the most important quiet areas that provide a lot of privacy for its residents, which is Mostakbal City, which includes various public facilities and services and combines design ingenuity and construction strength, in addition to being affiliated with one of the strongest real estate developers needless to mention his business, as it left a strong imprint on the market.

Down payment starts from 10% and installments up to 7 years


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Project details Aria Compound Mostakbal City

Aria mostakbal city by Al Ahly Sabbour

Aria Compound is built in the middle of a very vital and distinguished location, as the geographical location of Mostakbal City is located in the middle between New Cairo and Madinaty, and it is a large link between them and is close to El Shorouk City and the heart of the Fifth Settlement with distances not exceeding 1 minutes, as it approaches the various main roads that make access to anywhere outside Mostakbal City not exceed minutes.


Places near Aria Sabbour Project

The Aria Compound project is close to several very important roads, which are the connecting artery between all areas of the new cities and Cairo, which is the middle and regional ring road.

Area Sabbour Mostakbal Compound is up to 10 minutes away from El Shorouk City by car, and the project is close to the electric train station in the future.

The compound is also characterized by its proximity to several residential projects in Mostakbal City, including Monte Napoleone Mostakbal City and Neom Mostakbal City Compound.

Aria Mostakbal Compound is also close to the Administrative Capital and Cairo International Airport, in addition to its proximity to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.


Area and design of Aria Sabbour New Cairo project

The space of Aria Mostakbal City for Al-Ahly Sabbour Company is large in order to provide various types of housing units that allow all those wishing to buy a real estate unit for housing to obtain greater freedom when choosing and not limited to certain types and spaces, but rather be open and varying enough to provide a lot of options, and the area of the compound is about 80 acres and was divided between buildings and landscapes.

Aria Mostakbal Compound contains apartments for sale in Mostakbal City with spaces starting from 125 square meters and were designed to all overlook a charming view with colorful trees and flowers in the middle of artificial lakes, which makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and breathe fresh air every morning, and the compound also contains penthouses for sale in Mostakbal City with areas starting from 165 meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and spaces of Aria Mostakbal City project

The prices of Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company are characterized by the fact that they include and give many classes to buy and get a safe life for them and their children, but due to the continuous price change due to the market instability in the dollar recently, you can identify them by contacting the sales department of Aria Mostakbal City.


Aria project payment systems for Al-Ahly Sabbour Company

The payment systems in Aria Mostakbal City Compound are one of the most important factors that made it achieve a lot of success, as it is in the long term and with advances starting from 10%, and Al-Ahly Sabbour Company took care of this because it is keen to provide multiple opportunities for all those wishing to obtain better housing and a life with a lot of luxury, and the installment of your unit reaches 7 years without interest.


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Aria Compound Mostakbal City

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Services and facilities of Al-Ahly Sabbour Compound

The services and facilities are one of the most important requirements that are a great reason for attracting customers to the residential compound specifically, because any family wants to get stability and tranquility, in addition to the presence of the services you need near it and available 24 hours a day, and the most prominent services and facilities of the Aria Mostakbal City project are as follows:

Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound contains large green spaces located all over the compound, which makes the units overlook a charming and attractive view.

The project also contains artificial lakes and swimming pools for everyone who likes to have fun, in addition to making the view of the units scenic .

The Areya Mostakbal City project has areas designated for barbecue and evening parties, next to Kids Area designated for children to enjoy.

A large crew of security and guarding is also available, in addition to the surveillance cameras located in all corners of the project to ensure protection and safety.

Aria Compound includes a large private garage under each residential building, which makes you do not need to stand in front of residential buildings.


The Developer of Aria Mostakbal City Compound

The executing company of Aria Sabbour Compound is Al-Ahly Sabbour Development, which is characterized as one of the strongest real estate companies in the Egyptian market for construction investments, and the experience of Al-Ahly Sabbour reaches more than 25 years, and during that period it presented many projects, numbering up to 60 projects with a total of 26 thousand real estate units and developed a lot of works.

The company owns land proceeds with a total area of up to 12 million square meters, most of which have been established and completed, and in several vital and major cities in Egypt, including the North Coast, New Cairo, Mostakbal City and the Administrative Capital, in addition to that during the following we will highlight its latest projects, which are the precedent of the works that made it a bright name in the real estate market.


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Aria Compound Mostakbal City