Pukka  Compound New Capital

Own your unit now in the Pukka New Capital Compound project, with a distinguished strategic location in the heart of the capital, and it was designed by major real estate development companies, Master Builder, and made Pukka a city with integrated facilities and services, in addition to that the compound is designed according to a unique architectural style, so we will provide a detailed report that answers several questions, perhaps the most prominent of which are the prices of Pukka apartments and booking methods.

Installment system without down payment, and the amount is paid in installments over 5 years


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Project details Pukka Compound New Capital

Location of Pukka Compound

MBG International was keen that Pukka's location be characterized by excellence, as it is located in the seventh district R7 within the first offering area in plot No. 9B on the southern freeway of Mohammed bin Zayed, and the compound is located in the center of the Administrative Capital, making it easy to reach the most important areas in the Administrative Capital.


Places near the project

The compound is located next to important service and commercial places, including the conference hall, the exhibition grounds, and the British University.

The Pukka New Capital Compound project is about 300 meters away from the Grand Cathedral.

The compound is about 700 meters from the Green River.

Compound Pukka New Capital is just minutes from The Dubai Mall.

The Administrative Capital Airport is located about 12 minutes northeast of the compound.

Arrival to Expo City within 3 minutes from the compound.

Pukka Compound is close to the most important compounds in the New Capital, such as Oro Compound, and Town Gate New Capital Compound.


Design of Pukka New Capital Project

For lovers of luxury and sophistication, here are the wonderful designs of Pukka that simulate the finest international architectural designs with a unique view of the units, as well as the breadth of its streets and spaces between buildings to give residents more privacy, the compound consists of 43 buildings and 4 different types of units, so you only need to read the models and prices of Pukka so that you can find the most suitable for you when booking the apartment.


The full area of the project

The total area of the project was estimated at about 40 acres, of which only about 22% was allocated for the establishment of residential units, while the rest of the space was divided into green gardens and distinctive services according to a strategy that gives the residents of Pukka real luxury, so that the apartments within the compound are surrounded by wide streets that include wonderful trees and water lakes for unprecedented sophistication and psychological comfort.

Compound Pukka Apartments Areas

Master Blender Group for Real Estate Development has been keen on the diversity of prices in Pukka New Administrative Capital, according to the areas of the residential units, and the company has been interested in providing diversity in spaces in order to satisfy all tastes, and the space of the units in Pukka New Capital is as follows:

Apartments space in Pukka starts from 48 m2 up to 196 m2 on the ground floor, with a garden with an area starting from 43 m².

The area of apartments on the typical floors starts from 106 m2 up to 227 m2 for me.

Penthouse space in Pukka starts from 147 m2 up to 274 m2.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Pukka New Capital Compound Prices 2023

The prices of apartments in Pukka are determined according to their area, but in general, the prices of Pukka New Capital are suitable for most categories, due to the provision of payment facilities


Booking methods in Pukka New Capital

Master Builder Real Estate has provided many reservation systems for Pukka New Administrative Capital, which are uncompetitive, suitable for everyone, and in order to make it easier for customers to pay for the units, reduce their financial burdens as much as possible, and the reservation and installment systems in Pukka New Capital are as follows:

Installment system without a reservation down payment, and the amount is paid in installments over 5 years.

Pay 5% as a reservation down payment, then pay 5% after 6 months, and the rest in installments over 6 years.

Pay 10% of the reservation down payment, pay 5% after a year, and pay the rest in installments over 7 years.

Pay 20% of the reservation deposit, pay 5% after 6 months, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 8 equal years.

Date of delivery of apartments and finishing

The units and apartments in Pukka Compound are delivered semi-finished in 2022, but there is a complete finishing system for the apartment that is agreed upon during the reservation of the apartment in Pukka.


 Pukka  Compound New Capital

Facilities in Pukka Compound

The residential units in Pukka occupy about 22.5%, while the rest of the space has been allocated to facilities and services to meet all the needs of the residents of luxury and sophistication, the most important of which are the following:

Security and guarding services operate around the clock, seven days a week.

Pukka Compound is equipped with surveillance cameras for more security and security.

Swimming pools of various sizes and shapes, with wonderful water games.

The apartments are surrounded by stunning charming views, which are represented by green spaces, and wide streets interspersed with trees.

Pukka's power system is based on solar energy, which is one of the cleanest means for the environment.

Residents of apartments in Pukka New Capital enjoy a private garage under each property.

Compound Pukka New Capital offers entertainment and play areas for young children.

There is a giant commercial area with an area of 20,000 m² that provides all goods and services to the residents of Bucca apartments.

Comprehensive medical services, and a 24-hour pharmacy.

There are cafes and restaurants serving delicious food and drinks.

There is also a health club and spa.


Features of Pukka Apartments New Capital

Of course, owning an apartment in Pukka Compound for sale gives you several advantages, including that the project is very close to the center of the Administrative Capital, the streets surrounding the project with vast areas, and stunning views, in addition to the design of the apartments that is characterized by sophistication and luxury, in addition to that Pukka apartments in installments or cash were available in several spaces and different prices to suit different groups.


About MBG, the founder of Pukka Compound

Master Builders Group is full of a series of achievements, successes and honorable real estate projects, because of its many years of experience of nearly 23 years, and its latest achievement is Pukka New Capital, and we mention several achievements in various service, commercial, medical and educational sectors.


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 Pukka  Compound New Capital