Montania Compound Zayed

Own your unit now in Montania Compound Sheikh Zayed A life of luxury at its widest doors, Everest View Developments offers you one of its most important residential projects in Egypt, through which it has provided the finest and best picturesque modern designs in cooperation with the largest engineering companies in Egypt, Hussein Sabbour Consultant.

Compound Montania Zayed is one of the best residential projects in 6th of October City in the Sheikh Zayed area, enjoying the best geographical locations that approach the best educational and health services and facilities, as the project is developed by one of the real estate companies that have a great position in the real estate field, which resulted in the project experience of more than 19 years of achievement, creativity and excellence.

Pay a 5% down payment and an installment period of up to 4 years


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Project details Montania Compound Zayed

Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound Location

One of the most important features of residential projects is its geographical location, as the importance of the project location increases when choosing the most vital place close to the most important road networks and main axes, as Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound is located in the new Sheikh Zayed area in 6th of October City, and is characterized by its proximity to a distinguished group of the most important educational services, such as Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch, and Misr University for Science and Technology, and it is also close to commercial centers and large and well-known markets such as Hyper One.


Nearby Places to Montania New Zayed Compound

Only 3 minutes to reach Cairo University in Sheikh Zayed.

It takes no more than two minutes to reach Dahshur Road.

4 minutes to reach Mall of Arabia from Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Compound Montania Zayed is no more than 5 minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor.

As for Misr University for Science and Technology, it is 7 minutes away.

Mall of Egypt is only 8 minutes away from Montania Park Sheikh Zayed Compound.


The space and design of Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound

The largest engineering design companies were contracted to provide a residential project that enjoys the greatest degree of luxury and sophistication in its latest forms, following advanced and modern international standards in implementation and in the materials used, and Montania New Zayed Compound was designed under the supervision of the well-known engineer / Hussein Sabbour, and care was taken to allocate the largest areas of the project to the picturesque green views, which gave the luxury of a picturesque and charming view of all residential units in the project.

Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound was built on a large area of 21,000 square meters, and as a result of the large area of the compound, Everest View Real Estate was able to implement and provide all residential units, services, and various facilities at the highest level of accuracy and perfection, in order to provide its customers with a life of luxury in a new way, and give a range of diverse options for each individual to choose the type of unit suitable for him, as it came with areas ranging from 278 square meters up to 312 square meters.

Montania Park Sheikh Zayed Compound has a variety of different residential villa units from: townhouses - twin houses - and standalone villas, all residential units enjoy a distinctive and wonderful view of the green gardens that give a sense of comfort and tranquility, with periodic maintenance services for the gardens.

Types of Villas in Montania Park Sheikh Zayed

Townhouses starting from 278 m²

Twin houses starting from 289 m²

Standalone villas starting from 312 m²


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of units in Montania Park Sheikh Zayed Compound

Everest View Developments has been keen for a large number of customers to obtain residential units within Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound and enjoy luxury and a juicy life, as it has offered competitive prices that are incomparable to suit the various spaces it has worked to provide, as well as the services and features it provides to its customers

Payment Systems in Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound

Everest View Real Estate has developed more than one payment method for the value of the residential units in New Montania Zayed Compound, and the payment system was divided in terms of the period allocated for the delivery of the residential unit, learn about the best payment systems in the Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound project:

Delivery within a year and a half

The following units are delivered: (Stand Alone View Villa - Panorama Villa - Garden Villa)

5% down payment and installment period up to 4 years.

10% down payment and installment period up to 5 years.

Delivery within 3 years

Payment systems for the delivery of residential units in Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound include the following residential units: (Townhouse - Twin House - Stand Alone Villa).

A down payment of 4% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is paid over 5 years.

A down payment of 10% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is paid over 6 years.

A down payment of 15% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is paid over 7 years.

A down payment of 20% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is paid over 8 years.


 Montania Compound Zayed

The most important services and facilities in Montania New Zayed Compound project

Everest View Real Estate Development and Investment Company was keen to identify all the needs and desires of its customers, and to build an integrated residential project that does not lack anything, to ensure for the residents of Montania Sheikh Zayed a life that includes all means of comfort and luxury implemented at a high level of efficiency, and all services and facilities were provided within the compound from basic services such as education, health, and important services of security and guarding throughout the day, learn about the most important and best services available in the project:

The possibility of establishing a private swimming pool at the back of the residential unit according to the customer's desire.

With the possibility of implementing electric elevators inside the unit with a distinctive and elegant design.

A wonderful mix of high-end and picturesque wooden and stone designs within Montania New Zayed Compound.

Electronic gates, modern surveillance cameras, and carefully trained security and guarding.

Within each residential unit in Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound, a set of important services have been built, including: central air conditioners, central fireplace, surveillance cameras at the entrances to the units, and a central satellite.

Kids Area, fully secured in games and with 24-hour men and security guards.

Swimming pools suitable for all ages.

Water fountains and artificial lakes, and they are also available in Calma Compound.

Gardens and parks on separate spaces within Compound Montania Zayed.

The use of environmentally friendly solar energy within the project.


Everest View Real Estate Development Company

Everest View Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in the real estate field, it has provided several distinctive and strong residential and commercial projects in various geographical locations in Egypt, the company's experience extends up to 19 years and more, the company always seeks to provide services at the highest possible level in order to provide its customers with all means of comfort and sophistication, and in order to build a better future, the company participated in developing the largest amount of Egyptian lands and implementing them with the highest quality, professionalism and proficiency.

Everest View Developments was established in 2004, and it also contracts with the largest companies in various fields to provide the best services to its customers, from the National Capital Bank Egypt, Samsung, Marketer Marketing Solutions, and other distinguished groups of the most important companies.


The work of Everest View Real Estate Development Company

Montania Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Montania Park Compound 6th of October City.

Al Iman Residence Tower in Tanta.

Chalets in New Alamein City.

Hope Tower in Tanta.

Mecca Plaza Tower in Tanta.

Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque in Menoufia Governorate on an area of 1400 square meters.


 Montania Compound Zayed