Midtown Condo Compound New Capital

Own your unit now in Midtown Condo New Capital, the latest project of the famous Better Home Real Estate Company, which already offers better homes to all its customers in excellent locations with modern designs and comprehensive services that meet the desires and needs of its residents, and Midtown Condo prices are suitable for most of those looking for high-end housing in the Administrative Capital.

10% down payment and the rest of the unit price over 7 years.


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Project details Midtown Condo Compound New Capital

Midtown Sky New Capital Location

Midtown Sky is located in the seventh residential district R7, specifically in plot G3, near the most important vital landmarks in the city, including the Bin Zayed freeway.


Areas near Midtown Sky Compound

5 minutes from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

A few steps away from the other river, which is one of the most important symbols in the New Administrative Capital.

15 minutes from the Presidential Palace and the Administrative Capital Airport.

20 minutes from Nasr City, Heliopolis, and the Fifth Settlement.

Presidential Palace and Ministries District.

Al Masa Hotel and the iconic tower.

Capital Opera House.

Grand Mosque of Egypt.

Monorail train station.


Design by Midtown sky New Capital

The design of the Midtown Sky New Capital project depends on modern architectural designs with elegant facades and luxurious spaces, in order to provide a high-end life with integrated services and luxuries at the same time.

It also depends on allocating natural green spaces that exceed 80% of the project area, such as gardens, parks, running tracks, swimming pools, and beautiful artificial lakes.

Design is characterized by diversity and difference in residential units, where there are apartments, villas, townhouses, and duplexes, in order to meet all the different needs of customers.

All units have wonderful views of green spaces and artificial lakes. It was designed on an area of 122 acres, where buildings occupy only 20% of the area, while the largest area is dedicated to green spaces and artificial lakes. There are also garages and a large commercial mall.

Among the most important features of the design of Midtown Sky Administrative Capital:

Modern architectural designs with elegant facades and luxurious spaces.

Allocating natural green spaces of more than 80% of the project area.

Diversity of residential units to meet all customer needs.

All units enjoy wonderful views of green spaces and artificial lakes.

The presence of garages and a large commercial mall.


Midtown Sky New Capital

Midtown New Capital Compound was established on an area of 122 acres, and this space contains many townhouse villas, twin houses, residential units, shops, and green spaces, and we will explain to you the spaces of the real estate units in the compound and their prices.

Midtown Sky Compound also has very wonderful architectural designs, as the developer hired the most famous consulting engineers to develop designs with the latest international standards, designs that reflect luxury and sophistication in the smallest details, and the designs combined green spaces with residential units and distinguished services in a homogeneous manner that made Midtown Sky the capital one of the finest residential projects.

Areas of Apartments in Midtown Sky New Capital

Town Middle buildings with spaces starting from 350 square meters and a green area of 200 square meters.

Town corner buildings with spaces starting from 350 square meters and a green area of 300 square meters.

Twin buildings with spaces starting from 350 square meters and a green area of 300 square meters.

The residential apartment with spaces starting from 90 square meters with one bedroom.

The residential apartment with spaces starting from 135 square meters is two bedrooms.

The residential apartment with spaces starting from 180 square meters with three bedrooms.

The ground floor shop is 110 square meters, and 80 square meters are outdoor space.

The commercial shop on the first floor is 110 square meters.

Administrative offices and clinics on the second floor come with an area of 110 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Midtown Sky New Capital Compound

The company that owns the project offers the best prices in the market that compete with the most luxurious residential compounds, as its project is not only distinguished in services but also in prices, which came starting from 2,235,000 pounds, and therefore it is considered very reasonable when compared to the amount of services and the number of features available in the compound, which is distinguished by being diverse in a way that attracts a huge number of customers, and prices start from:

Apartment prices in Midtown Sky New Capital start from 1,254,000 EGP.

Townhouse prices start from 7,500,000 EGP.

Twin house prices start from 9,749,000 EGP.


Reservation and installment systems for Midtown Sky New Capital

Better Home has been keen to facilitate the payment system for MidTown Sky New capital customers, in order to gain the credibility and trust of customers and individuals who want to buy residential units and shops in them.

Paying only 10% of the unit value in advance, and the rest of the amount is paid without interest over 7 years.

Better Home has also made a 10% discount, in addition to a special discount if payment is made in cash of about 40%, and the units are delivered semi-finished.


 Midtown Condo Compound New Capital

Services and features of Midtown Sky New Capital

Midtown Sky Compound includes many countless features and services, the first of which is its very distinguished geographical location.

Second, it contains many spaces in the residential units that suit all customers at different prices that suit many classes, and the most prominent of these features and services are the following:

Halls dedicated to holding conferences and meetings.

Places for family events.

A full-service health club divided into several places, spa units – sauna – jacuzzi – and beauty centers to provide the highest degree of recreation.

Halls with all the necessary devices and equipment for various exercises.

A group of playgrounds for various sports.

Gardens, parks, rest houses, and garages for parking guests.

Cleaning services for all units operate throughout the day.

In Midtown Sky New Capital, there is an area with a number of restaurants and cafes.

A luxury commercial mall consisting of a group of stores to provide goods and services.

Specially designed areas for barbecues amidst the picturesque landscape.

Available at Midtown SkyKids Area for kids with all the fun and entertainment.

Nurseries for children with all the necessary means of care.

A social club with multiple recreational and cultural activities suitable for all age groups.

Designated areas for family and comrades to meet without the need to leave the property.


Benefits of investing within Midtown Sky New Capital Compound

Midtown Sky New Capital offers many investment benefits that attract all investors from different cultures, the most prominent of which are:

Obtaining a fixed monthly income through the rent of the residential unit, thanks to the great demand for the residential units of the Administrative Capital in general and the Midtown Sky units in particular.

Achieving a large financial profit that cannot be achieved from any other investment method when reselling the residential unit, thanks to the continuous increase in the prices of the compound units.

Keeping the value of capital constant without being affected by various economic factors that depreciate capital, such as inflation and other factors.


The Real Estate Developer of Midtown Sky New Capital

Midtown Sky New Capital Compound was developed by Better Home for Investment and Real Estate Development, one of the real estate companies that occupy a distinguished position in the real estate market, here the company is implementing its fourth and latest project, Midtown Sky New Capital.

Which is a continuation of a series of huge residential projects that it has implemented over the past years, which it called the Midtown New Administrative Capital series of projects, all of which are located in the most distinguished locations of the New Administrative Capital.

Better Home Real Estate Investment Company is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of real estate investment, with a successful giant business precedent, each of them independent and each of them with a special character.

Better Home is one of the most prominent companies that launch residential complexes and provide them with high-end and imaginative services and features that attract many individuals to buy residential units in them.

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