GBay Village El Sokhna

Own your unit now in the charming United project "Village G-Bay El Sokhna" is the ideal destination to spend a wonderful time in the arms of the charming nature directly in front of the sea, as the village is located at kilo 164 near the most famous villages and all vital areas, in addition to the competitive prices of G-Bay Ain Sokhna and the multiple spaces that completed the comprehensive package of excellence and recreation.

5% down payment and the rest of the unit price in installments over 8 years without interest.


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Project details GBay Village El Sokhna

Location of G-bay Ain Sokhna

G -Bay Ain Sokhna has a very privileged location, specifically at kilo 146, and 30 km from Galala Resort, and the village is close to all the vital areas that you may need to go to, the Administrative Capital and the International Marina, in addition to its proximity to the main roads and freeway that will help you to go to and from the village without wasting a lot of time on the roads, or being cut off from the world during your vacation.


Nearby places of the village

G-bay Sokhna is only half an hour away from the gates of Ain Sokhna.

G-Bay El Sokhna is an hour away from Cairo.

The United project is close to the distinguished city of Galala, and the administrative capital.

G -Bay Resort is also close to the most important villages of Sokhna, such as Palm Hills Sokhna, and the Sokhna Mountains.


Design of G-Bay El Sokhna Village

United Real Estate Company knows that recreation and enjoyment is the endeavor of everyone with his vacation, so it chose the best distinguished engineering designs that complement the excellence of its project, so the internal divisions came with high accuracy that provide the highest levels of privacy for the owners of the G-BAY chalets, and considered the view of all chalets with a charming view of the vast green spaces and the distinguished Red Sea.

You will not find a better place to relax and enjoy sophistication, tranquility, and serenity except when you own G-bay chalets, as the interior and exterior designs of the units, whether G-bay chalets or service and facilities buildings, were made on the latest and finest architectural styles, taking into account that all units overlook the sea, with the colors of the buildings chosen in the colors of nature to complete the harmony and elements of tranquility within the resort.


The space of G-bay Ain Sokhna Resort

G-Bay El Sokhna was implemented on an area of 27 acres, and that space professionally included the diversity of the space of G Bay chalets and the integration of services and distinctive basic and recreational facilities, and certainly included green spaces and charming lakes The largest percentage of the project, as United's goal was to achieve recreation, so it made its project an integrated coastal city that you will not want to cut off your vacation from and leave.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


G-bay Sokhna 2023 spaces and prices

Whatever your requirements for your chalet, you will find it in the G-Bay EL Sokhna project, United provided a variety of options to suit the needs of customers of multiple spaces, and certainly provided prices that have not happened before in the rest of the projects of Ain Sokhna

Which cuts the burden of thinking about anything but starting by choosing the G-bay chalets available for sale, so the spaces start from:

The United project provides chalets with spaces ranging from 72 square meters up to 80 square meters (one room).

Own a chalet G-Bay Sokhna with an area of 72 square meters (two rooms).

Book the G-bay Chalet available for sale with an area of 120 square meters (two or three rooms).

G-bay Resort has three-room chalets measuring 150 square meters.


Ways to book G-BAY Sokhna Chalets

United has shined with these exceptional privileges to help you own your summer unit for your vacation or to invest in it, in addition to the designs of the luxury project and its integration in terms of facilities and services, the wonderful chalets with a panoramic view with their multiple spaces, swimming pools scattered throughout the resort, and the competitive prices of G-bay Ain Sokhna chalets, the various installment systems came in an imaginary way that suits the budget of all customers, so the installment systems were as follows:

You can own G-bay Chalets with a 5% downpayment and the rest of the unit price in installments over 8 years without interest.

Own your summer unit with a 10%+ down payment after two years and the rest in installments over 10 years without interest.

The units are delivered within 3 and a half years, with a distinct integrated super lux finishing.


 GBay Village El Sokhna

Facilities in G-Bay Ain El Sokhna

Buying G-Bay El Sokhna chalets will ensure that you enjoy all the distinguished recreational services, which will help you enjoy your rental to the fullest, in addition to the main facilities that are indispensable to spend an enjoyable time without the need to leave the village due to being an integrated coastal city, and among these services:

G-bay Ain Sokhna contains a distinctive aqua park with an area of 2400 square meters, so that you and your children can enjoy a wonderful time.

United has 3 swimming pools for adults and children, all overlooking the sea, with one with warm water.

G-bay Sokhna contains an integrated commercial area that includes the most famous brands

G-Bay El Sokhna includes a variety of restaurants and cafes to satisfy all tastes.

There is a large kids area dedicated to children, equipped with the latest entertainment and safety.

Dedicated walking and cycling paths for added safety for sports practitioners and walkers.

The village has an Infinity Pool located around a health club and a café.

Vast green spaces and artificial lakes provide the best view for everyone in the village.

G-Bay El Sokhna Village has a private beach and a sandy beach.

The village has a hanging terrace.

A garage dedicated to all units to prevent car congestion.


Advantages of G-Bay Sokhna

The privileges provided by United cannot be counted, as it chose the best locations directly on the Red Sea, to take into account during the design that all units overlook it to enjoy the wonderful view, and it also provided various spaces to suit the needs of customers, while setting competitive prices that did not occur before in the rest of the Sokhna projects, so it became the first choice for those seeking to spend the best vacation or invest in a summer unit.


About United Real Estate Development Company

United Developments is one of the largest leading companies in the real estate market since 1995, owned by Engineer Muhammad Hafez Al-Zaabalawi, to start its journey in the world of real estate investment strongly and distinctly, and the company works in several investment fields such as tourism, phones and the Internet, and it is also the agent of WE, in addition to owning a distinguished land portfolio in several places.


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Providing Internet services exclusively from Orange in five governorates in the Delta.

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 GBay Village El Sokhna