Evolve Mall Tower New Capital

Invest now in the Mall Evolve Tower New Capital, which is the latest project of the leading real estate development company NTG, which lunches from the Downtown area in the heart of the Administrative Capital. It is a multi-activity mall to attract local and international investment, Therefore, the prices of Evolve Mall are completely in line with the purpose of its establishment, as the investor gets the distinguished services he needs at a competitive price.
Pay 10% of the total unit value, and pay the rest in equal installments over 6 years.

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Project details Evolve Mall Tower New Capital

Evolve Tower location in the capital
The NTG project is located on two corners and a main street. The two corners are 75 meters wide and 31 square meters wide. The entire project is located on open facades. The front facade is 90 meters wide and is located on a main street, while the side facade is located on a 70-meter-wide street, in addition to being located on the tourist promenade. , which reaches a width of 35 metres.
This is in addition to the project being located close to the largest park in the central financial and business district (CBD), specifically near the R2 and R3 areas, which are considered among the largest population densities in the New Administrative Capital. The project also has eight facades, each of the project's two towers has four facades.
Places adjacent to the mall
Evolve Mall is approached from the south and north of the residential neighborhoods area.
Evolve Mall is located east and west, next to the Green River.
The mall is about 5 minutes away from Al Masa Hotel, and is located directly on the iconic tower.
Close to the most famous malls and towers of the New Administrative Capital, such as Infinity Tower and Diwan Mall.
It is only a few minutes away from the entire government district.
There are only two minutes between Evolve Tower, the Administrative Capital, and the monorail station.
Evolve Tower design
The developer was keen to ensure that the Mall Evolve Tower New Capital has a unique and distinct design, in order to express its activity. It includes administrative, commercial and medical units, and consists of a ground floor and 13 recurring floors, and is divided into two towers from the third to the tenth floor. The units were divided as follows:
The commercial units have been allocated the ground, first and second floors.
Only the fourth floor is occupied by medical units.
From the fifth floor to the thirteenth floor come the administrative units.
Area of Evolve Mall, Administrative Capital
NTG was keen to provide sufficient space to establish this large project, as the plot area for the project was approximately 3,500 square metres, and the construction percentage on this vast area was only 30% of the land, so that the project overlooks vast green spaces and a distinct landscape. As for the division of unit areas, all types of Evolve Tower units start at 33 square meters.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.
Evolve Tower Administrative Capital prices
New Town Group has provided a distinguished price plan to purchase a unit in Mall Evolve Tower New Capital, so that it will be a source of attraction for investors from all over the world.
Installment system in Evolve Tower
The payment and installment systems for purchasing units in Mall Evolve Tower New Capital were developed by NTG in order to entice investors to start from the Administrative Capital. The reservation and installment systems were as follows:
Pay 10% of the total unit value, and pay the rest in equal installments over 6 years.
Pay 20% of the value of the Evolve Tower unit, and pay the rest of the value in equal installments over 7 years.
Pay 30% of the unit value, and pay the rest of the value in equal installments over 9 years.

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 Evolve Mall Tower New Capital

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Evolve Mall facilities and privileges
NTG Real Estate Development Company was keen to ensure that the Mall Evolve Tower New Capital project was integrated, as it provided it with all facilities and services of the highest quality, and these services were as follows:
The mall provides all the medical services that every Evolve Mall goer needs.
A sufficient number of electrical generators to ensure continuity of work within the mall.
Within Evolve Mall, the New Administrative Capital, there are distinguished 24-hour security and guarding services, by providing a sufficient number of surveillance cameras and security personnel at the highest level.
A number of elevators with panoramic views and escalators for easy movement between the mall’s floors for visitors and owners.
Most banks have ATM machines to facilitate financial transactions during working hours for owners and visitors as well.
A distinguished group of famous cafes and restaurants that offer visitors and owners the most delicious food and the best drinks.
A number of halls for holding meetings, which are equipped with the latest modern technologies and halls to receive important and prominent figures.
All parts of Evolve Mall operate with central air conditioning and high-speed internet.
The mall has large, impressive areas in order to receive visitors and has been equipped with the latest technological technologies.
A distinct area designated for children, which is safe and has many recreational games.
A plan with the highest level of accuracy in the event of fires, operating with a self-extinguishing system and providing a number of safe passages for owners and visitors.
Providing distinguished maintenance and cleaning services from major companies within the Evolve Tower, the Administrative Capital.
Evolve Tower features
Evolve Tower, the Administrative Capital, has many advantages, starting with NTG Real Estate choosing the project location in Downtown, its proximity to vital areas and many commercial towers, and its distinctive design in the form of two separate towers from the fourth floor to the 13th floor, with a price plan that suits all investors’ capabilities, and the best services, facilities, and installment systems that exceed 10 years.
About the owner company, NTG Development
New Town Group (NTG), the owner of the huge Evolve Tower project, is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, as it has more than thirty years of experience in the real estate market and development of new cities, through the establishment of many successful projects, The company's financial investments amounted to about 12 billion pounds, making its projects brilliant and prominent.
In implementing its latest project, Evolve Tower, the New Administrative Capital, it has sought the help of major consulting companies, including but not limited to:
Moharram Bakhoum ACE Project Management Company specializes in engineering consulting.
Archrete company specializes in the field of architectural consulting.
ETQAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT company specializes in financial marketing.
KAD company specializes in the field of management.
Previous NTG Real Estate Company business
The company has succeeded in implementing hundreds of distinguished projects in Cairo and outside it. The company and its work have helped develop one million square meters on the ground. The most important of these projects are:
Supervision and implementation of eighteen projects in the assembly area (Lotus - Violet - Andalusia).
Construction of fifteen towers in the Heliopolis area.
Implementing a number of projects in Al-Ahram Gardens and 6th of October, the number of which reached 58 projects.
Implementing many successful projects in the transit area, which numbered 18 projects.

 Evolve Mall Tower New Capital