Bo Island Village North Coast

Own your unit now in Bo Village Island North Coast, as it is your best decision for your summer unit in the most luxurious areas of the North Coast by Maxim Company, where you will enjoy the distinctive turquoise sea and the natural landscapes that calm the souls.
The project also provides various areas of Bo Island chalets and standalone villas, all of this in addition to the competitive prices of Bo Island Village, which we will enumerate in detail in this article.
Reserve your unit with only a 5% down payment, then 10% after 3 months, and pay the rest in installments over 6 or 7 years in equal installments.

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Project details Bo Island Village North Coast

Location of Bo Island Village, North Coast
Anyone looking for luxury, a charming atmosphere, and a safe sea; The village of Bo Island, the North Coast, is his first destination, as the village is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, at kilometer 120 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road specifically, which is considered one of the best areas of the North Coast, as it is located in a natural bay area characterized by being a barrier to the waves. Which makes it one of the safest seas for you to enjoy your vacation.
Places near the village
Bo Island Village is about half an hour away from the Administrative Capital.
Village Bo Island North Coast is only 15 km away from Marina El Alamein Village.
The Maxim project is located a short distance from the new Karta Sahel.
Village Bo Island North Coast is close to the distinctive city of New Alamein.
The Bo Island project is close to many vital services such as a hospital and a school.
The project is also close to the most important villages of the North Coast, such as Kali Coast Village and Naya Bay Village.
Bo Island North Coast Village Design
Maxim Company chose a strategic location with charming natural features that added distinction to its Bo Island project. Therefore, it chose attractive designs and colors that are in harmony with the colors of nature that are comfortable for the eyes, and the structural design of the project came in a distinctive way, not exceeding 12% of the project area, in order to make the most of the space, and to include all services and recreational facilities in a smart way, in addition to the vast green spaces and crystal lakes.
Area of the Bo Island North Coast project
Bo Island North Coast Village was built on a very large area of 300 acres to accommodate all the units of different sizes and full services and facilities, whether recreational or daily needs facilities, taking into account that the largest area of the project was allocated to services and vast green spaces by 88%; To provide a wonderful view for all units with a private beach.
The internal space of the project was also divided intelligently in order to enjoy the maximum degree of privacy within the village of Bo Island North Coast. The built-up area, which did not exceed 12%, was divided into 80% for the luxurious Bo Island villas with their modern designs, and 20% for the distinctive Bo Island coastal chalets, and those The division will make you feel the luxury of your vacation, whether you own Bo Island chalets or villas.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.
Bo Island North Coast prices 2023
The areas of Bo Island units, their distinctive and easy-to-access location, and the complete features, services, and facilities are consistent with their prices. Maxim Company has provided competitive prices for units of multiple sizes, so you will be able to choose the space that suits you from among the many spaces available for sale. The area of the chalets starts from 45 square meters, at competitive prices.
Bo Island North Coast reservation and installment systems
Maxim Company has made it easier for you to obtain your summer unit by providing various reservation and installment systems for purchasing Bo Island chalets and independent villas. The installment plans are suitable for everyone, as you will pay the price of your unit in installments with the lowest down payment, the longest payment period and no interest. Which means spending more fun and luxury on your vacation. You can reserve your unit with a down payment starting from only 5%, and the installment systems are as follows:
Reserve your unit with only a 5% down payment, then 10% after 3 months, and pay the rest in installments over 6 or 7 years in equal installments and receive it in 2022.
Own your unit with a 5% down payment, then 10% after 3 months and the rest in installments over 7 years, and will be delivered in 2023.
With a down payment of only 5%, you will own Bo Island units, then 5% after 3 months, and pay the rest of the unit price over 7 years in equal installments, and receive it in 2024.
Only 5% down payment for Bo Island units, then 10% after 3 months, and pay the rest of the unit price over 8 years in equal installments, and receive it in 2024.

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 Bo Island Village North Coast

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Bo Island North Coast services and privileges
Maxim Company has provided all the leisure and entertainment privileges and complete services and facilities in its Village Bo Island North Coast project, so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest extent when purchasing its units for sale. You will not need to leave the village to meet your needs, as the village’s services and facilities include the following:
Bo Island North Coast Village contains dazzling green spaces amounting to 88% of the total area, crystal lakes, and water gardens to provide a panoramic landscape for all customers.
There are multiple swimming pools within the Maxim project to provide maximum levels of entertainment for adults and children.
Maxim Trucking Company provided a tram with two lines: To facilitate the movement of customers within the village and to the beach.
You will find your daily needs within Village Bo Island North Coast thanks to the presence of a huge hypermarket, and The Strip Mall, which includes many shops and the most famous international brands.
You will enjoy high-level hotel services within the village, as there are two 5-star international hotels.
Because parties are indispensable during the holidays, the project provided the Sea Hub; To become a distinguished party place.
A special beach has been provided for children, so you can leave them safely and have fun.
Village Bo Island North Coast contains an integrated medical center that provides the best medical services to Bo Island unit owners.
Bo Island North Coast has cultural centers and clubhouses.
A large Aqua Park area equipped with the latest safety and entertainment facilities for you and your children.
There are huge garages that can accommodate everyone's cars in the village to prevent crowding.
Bo Island North Coast Village is equipped with the latest security means and multiple surveillance cameras throughout the village for the security and safety of everyone.
Village Bo Island North Coast is designed to be environmentally friendly; The village runs on solar energy.
Features of the Bo Island North Coast project
Village Bo Island North Coast is distinguished from the rest of the North Coast villages by providing a variety of units, including chalets, penthouses, townhouses, and independent villas, with full facilities that the unit owners may think of. Maxim Company took care that the implementation of the project is in harmony with the charming nature and the clear sea, while paying attention to all recreational services. And parties; For an unforgettable vacation within the Bo Island project.
About Maxim Company
Maxim Developments is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate field, as it has proven its ability to achieve idealism and sophistication on the ground with a strong work history over 37 years. The company takes into account the comfort of its customers in its projects, so the most important and common feature in all its projects becomes pleasure and luxury while providing the main services.
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 Bo Island Village North Coast