Amorada Compound New Cairo

Own your unit in Amorada New Cairo Compound is the latest project of Afaq in New Cairo, where it was announced by the executing company of the project to start offering the compound units, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses of different sizes, as well as the prices of Amorada, which were characterized by competition and great distinction compared to the neighboring Fifth Settlement compounds, and in the following article we will learn about all the features of the compound.

Pay 50% of the price of the unit or apartment you want, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over three years, and the units are delivered with finishes at the highest level.


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Project details Amorada Compound New Cairo

location of the Amorada compound

Afaq was keen to choose a strategic location for Amorada New Cairo Compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, as the project is located at the beginning of the main Ninety Street in front of Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement and close to all main roads, which means that the compound enjoys flexibility in transportation movement, as well as ensuring that the Amorada Fifth Settlement project is close to the most important landmarks of New Cairo, to learn more about the places near it.


Important places near the compound

Amorada Compound Fifth Settlement is approximately 10 minutes away from the American University.

Only 15 minutes separate Amorada Compound from the New Administrative Capital.

Amorada New Cairo project is located only three minutes away from the Middle Ring Road.

Amorada Fifth Settlement Compound is only five minutes away from El Galala Road.

Amorada Apartments are only a 10-minute drive from Suez and Ismailia Road.

It is close to the most important compounds in the Fifth Settlement, such as Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement, and YCity Fifth Settlement.


Project Designs Design of Amorada Compound

Afaq announced the design of the project under the supervision of Engineer Samer Samir, this man who has a long history in the real estate sector, as he was keen to implement Amorada Fifth Settlement in the Greek style, which is practical and modern, with the adoption of the idea of Slap Flat, with not including many columns visible in the units, as the distance between the columns ranges approximately 8 meters.

The idea of the spacious façade of the units of the Amorada New Cairo project was also adopted, provided that the façade of the apartment is wide on an area of 17: 22 meters, and this gives a sense of spaciousness, and it was also relied on showing the rooms in the façade of the unit, provided that the kitchen and bathrooms of the unit are in the back, and in general modern decorations were relied on that highlight the ingenuity of the interior and exterior designs of the units.


The space of Amorada New Cairo project

Amorada Compound Fifth Settlement was built on an area of 7 acres, this area includes 13 buildings, with 272 housing units, divided between apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, where the construction rate is only 23% of the total area of the project, while the remaining 77% has been allocated to green spaces and services, and the width of external streets and roads reaches 42 meters.

Afaq announced the provision of apartments for sale in Amorada El Tagamoa, and was also keen to provide duplexes and penthouses in order to satisfy all its customers, and took care of providing complete privacy for the units, and this is shown by the distance between the buildings, as each building is located 30 to 50 square meters to the building next to it, which reflects the privacy of all Amorada customers.


Project Spaces Amorada Apartments Spaces

One of the advantages of the Amorada Fifth Settlement project is that it provides varying areas for residential units, as the areas of the units range from 155 square meters to 249 square meters, and there are many types of residential units that the project provides, as it provides luxury apartments, duplexes, and penthouses with many advantages when buying units.

Amorada Compound also provided the customer with a storage unit for each housing unit, this unit is located inside the parking in the basement, which means providing complete comfort for each customer who wishes to store his own belongings, as well as providing a garage dedicated to each housing unit to avoid facing a problem in parking.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Amorada Prices Fifth Settlement 2023

The average price per square meter in Amorada Compound is about 11,000 EGP, and the prices of Amorada apartments in the New Cairo start from 1,992,000 EGP, and for the additional garage for the unit, its value is 120,000 EGP, including storage space


Reservation and installment systems in Amorada New Cairo

Afaq was keen to provide competitive reservation, payment and installment systems in addition to the distinguished place and the wonderful services provided by Amorada New Cairo Compound, it was announced that it is possible to pay 50% of the price of the unit or apartment you want, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over three years, and the units are delivered with finishes at the highest level


 Amorada Compound New Cairo

Project Services Facilities in Amorada New Cairo

In Amorada Compound, you will find a range of impressive services for all residents and residents of Amorada Fifth Settlement apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, so that it is an integrated residential compound, and these services and facilities include the following:

Clubhouse provides entertainment and fun to the customers of Amorada Compound.

The compound offers swimming pools to serve lovers of swimming and water games, including children and adults.

Amorada Fifth Settlement project offers units available for smart home fitting.

Amora Compound offers a 24-hour security and guarding system to ensure security and safety for the compound's customers.

Amorada New Cairo guarantees its customers complete privacy, due to the distance between the buildings of the project.

Amorada Fifth Settlement Compound announced the establishment of a nursery to serve families and families, with its equipment at the highest level.

A series of international cafes and restaurants that serve drinks and food at the highest level.

Parking for visitors to prevent car congestion throughout Amorada Compound, Fifth Settlement.

A huge mall that is expected to bring together many international brands to serve shopping lovers.

A room dedicated and equipped for the nanny in many residential units in the project.

Underground storage rooms with full giving full powers of use by unit owners at any time.

Amurarda Compound offers hotel finishes at the highest level.

Some penthouses offer jacuzzi facilities, as well as mini swimming pools within some duplex units.


Project Features of Amorada Compound Fifth Settlement

The Amorada Fifth Settlement project is strategically located at the beginning of 90 Street, where it is close to the landmarks of New Cairo, as well as proximity to the Administrative Capital, and the compound is characterized by multiple spaces and interest in providing various facilities and services that the customer needs, and the project also provides multiple categories of units where apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, and we cannot forget the designs of the project in the Greek style, which gives a European character to the project


The owner company, Afaq Real Estate Company

Afaq Developments is the company responsible for the implementation of the Amorada New Cairo Compound project, Afaq has more than twenty-five years of experience in the real estate sector, where Afaq has implemented dozens of residential and tourism projects, in both Egypt and the Arabian Gulf, which qualified it to produce a huge project the size of Amorada Fifth Settlement.


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 Amorada Compound New Cairo