Almaza Bay North Coast

Own your unit now, Almaza Bay North Coast Resort, one of the projects of Travco Real Estate Company, which has chosen a distinctive strategic location for it, and enjoys a vast area that includes green areas and landscapes and 5 international hotels of the highest levels, in addition to various residential units and multiple facilities and services.
The units shine with distinctive designs on the Crystal Lagoons and the wonderful seashore. They are the first haven for you and your family if you are looking for tranquility and relaxation away from the noise. The company has offered special, incomparable prices and payment plans for the longest possible period.
Pay a 6% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest in installments over 7 years.

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Project details Almaza Bay North Coast

Location of Almaza Bay Village, North Coast
The most important feature of Almaza Bay Village is its distinctive strategic location, as it is located on the northern coast, and is close to the most important roads and main freeways.
The advantages of Almaza Bay are as follows:
The resort is only 38 kilometers from Marsa Matrouh.
It is also close to neighboring tourist villages and Alexandria.
Design stages of Almaza Bay Integrated Resort
Almaza Bay North Coast was designed in several stages that provide all the distinguished facilities and services, as follows:
Bay residence stage
The area of this phase is 350,000 square meters and occupies the largest proportion of the project, and the number of units is about 383 different residential units, all of which have charming and picturesque views directly on the sea.
the selection stage
It is characterized by including many different residential units, numbering 187, and is about 45 minutes away from the sea, and extends over an area estimated at 236,000 square meters.
Bay homes stage
One of the phases of the Almaza Bay project, which includes about 204 units, including green areas and artificial lakes spread throughout that phase, on an area of 167,000 square meters.
Beach town stage
This phase is considered the most distinguished because it includes entertainment services and contains approximately 413 units, and its area is estimated at approximately 130,000 square meters.
The village stage
A distinctive commercial building in Almaza Bay Village, which includes a number of units designed in an elegant and modern way, to include all commercial units, restaurants, cafes, and recreational play areas for children.
Jaz hotel group stage
It is considered the latest phase of the Almaza project, which includes 5 international hotels of the highest levels, providing the finest services and aiming to provide all possible comforts to customers.
Almaza bay north coast area
Travco Company established Almaza Bay Village on a large area of 6.5 million square meters, divided between green areas and artificial lakes, which amount to 80%, and it is distributed throughout the village so that unit owners can enjoy the most beautiful views.
In addition to the distinguished services and facilities, and the buildings and distinctive residential units in them.
Almaza Bay North Coast village units and their area
Almaza Bay Village is unique in its residential units that are distinct from others. It includes about 2,000 residential units, including chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, each of which varies in terms of shapes, designs, and spaces, so that the customer has the first option to choose what is most suitable for him. The units are as follows: :
Apartment units in the Beach Town phase start from 83 square meters and reach 130 square meters.
The Selection phase, apartment areas start at 330 square meters.
The twin villa and the stand alone villa in The Selection phase start from 417 square meters.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.
Almaza Bay North Coast prices
Almaza Bay Village, North Coast, is distinguished by its imaginative, incomparable prices and is the best in that coastal region. There are many stages within the resort, each of which is unique from the other.
Payment systems in Almaza Bay village
To make it easier for Travco customers to pay the total unit price, it has announced payment systems that enable you to pay the unit price over many years, which are as follows:
You can pay a 6% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest in installments over 7 years.
Or with a 10% down payment of the unit price, then after 3 and a half years, another 10% is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over 6 years.
The units are delivered in Almaza Bay village in a super-luxe system.

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 Almaza Bay North Coast

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Almaza Bay North Coast services
Exclusive and distinctive services within Almaza Village have been provided for the convenience of customers and to meet their desires and what they are always looking for. The services are as follows:
The village has swimming pools of various sizes and depths, suitable for all ages.
A sports club that includes gyms fully equipped with modern equipment in order to build fitness and agility.
Almaza Bay is distinguished by its luxurious Jaz hotels and a number of 5 hotels, including Jaz Almaza Beach Resort, Jaz Crystal Resort, Jaz Tamarina, Jaz Oriental Resort, and Jaz Almazino, each of which provides integrated services at the highest levels.
Specifying a marina for yachts and ships for those who love taking cruises and relaxing in the sea.
For adventures and water sports, a safe area in the sea has been designated for fishing, diving, and windsurfing.
In front of the charming sea, there is a Beach Bar that offers a variety of delicious drinks to enjoy.
There are a number of restaurants and cafes with international designs and serving a variety of delicious dishes and drinks.
A commercial area with a mall and includes stores that display products with the finest and most famous international brands.
24-hour security and guarding personnel working with the highest degree of efficiency in order to preserve property in the village, and surveillance cameras throughout Almaza Bay that monitor all events.
Garages have been constructed to prevent crowding in the village of Almaza Bay, North Coast.
Paving special paths for walking and cycling away from cars.
Clube House includes many entertainment facilities, including relaxation rooms for sauna and jacuzzi, and Spa House for body care.
Major fields dedicated to football and tennis, which give you the opportunity to spend the best time having fun.
A designated area within Almaza Bay for holding parties and family events, and it is distinctively and ideally equipped.
Your golden opportunity within Almaza Bay Village, which provides exclusive and integrated services. Book now and enjoy everything you are looking for.
Features of Almaza Bay North Coast Village
Almaza Bay North Coast has many unique features, and this has become one of the factors that attract customers’ attention. We explain below the most important of these features:
The wonderful geographical location of Almaza Bay Village, North Coast, is one of its most important and unique advantages, as it is close to the most important coastal cities.
If you are looking for a healthy life away from pollution, within Almaza the largest vast green space has been provided that enables you to live within a distinctive residential complex.
We relied on a group of experts and architects, and paid attention to interior decorations that provide comfort and tranquility to its residents.
Diversifying the units in the village in terms of types and spaces in order to give customers the greatest opportunity to choose what is most suitable for them.
The spaces are well utilized for complete privacy, and the facades are decorated with wonderful green plants.
The village overlooks the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, which are 5.5 kilometers long, and seating benches have been prepared for recreation.
The village has a number of large gates in order to facilitate entry and exit and to prevent crowding.
Providing a recreational area for children with all the distinctive games that enable them to spend fun times.
Real estate developer
Travco is one of the leading companies in real estate development and is a subsidiary of Travco Group. It has achieved many successes in the field of tourism for 35 years, and it also owns the largest number of hotels and sea resorts in the Middle East and Europe.
Travco aims to expand the scope of real estate construction in Egypt, and is always looking for mixed-use developments by developing alternative communities. It was established in 2014, and includes more than 60 employees within its main headquarters. Its first project was Almaza Bay, for which it chose a distinguished location.

 Almaza Bay North Coast