company definition Tabarak Holding Developments

Tabarak Holding Company for Real Estate Development is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in the Middle East and Gulf countries.
It also has more than 40 years of experience, as it was established in 1979 AD by Al-Nahda Company, which specializes in contracting.
Throughout these years, it has made a group of huge investments, including commercial, administrative, medical, tourism and agricultural, in order to bring together those wishing to invest with it.
This made it increase the quality of projects and develop them in a way that keeps pace with the times. Tabarak Company owns about 12 different projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Saudi Arabia and has a large portfolio of land amounting to 4,000,000 square meters.
The company sold more than 6,500 units and delivered 4,500, and this gave it great confidence among its customers.
The company has also worked to develop its expertise and resources in all activities in order to provide the community with giant, competitive projects. The company also has senior engineers and consultants, and it self-finances its projects by itself.
For the sake of customer comfort, which is the first goal of this leading company in the real estate market, it has worked to provide all services and installment systems with a variety of spaces and prices in order to meet all investors’ desires.
These successes come due to the wise leadership and the company’s Board of Directors, which consists of:
Mr. Ali Al-Sherbani, who holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tabarak Executive Development Company
The company consists of a group of companies including:
Maadi Heights Real Estate Company
Maadi Investment and Development Company.
And also Al Ofoq Company for Investments and Tourism Development.
And the New Horizon Housing and Development Company.
Tabarak Housing and Development Company, which was established in 1995 with a capital of 100,000,000 pounds.
Delight Tourism Company was established in 2000 AD.
The most important works and projects of Tabarak Real Estate Company
The company presented a group of towers in Cairo real estate areas
TBK also announced one of its best projects, which is Tabarak City on Maadi Ring Road.
Al Aali Clinic Project
There is also another real estate project under the name Sandri Maadi
Tabark Developments also presented the most important resort within its projects, which is Fantasia Ras Sudr Lagoons.
Bayti Compound, located in Bayti 6 of October, is considered the best residential unit in the region.
Tabarak Real Estate Development was keen to launch the Al-Aali Riyadh project in Saudi Arabia
It is also the company that owns Jannat Farms, Egypt-Alexandria Road
90 Avenue New Capital is located in the New Administrative Capital, which is considered the best vital investment spot in Egyptian territory.