company definition Sorouh Developments

Sorouh Developments is the developer and owner of the Antrada New Capital project.
Sorouh Company also has good experience and reputation in the field of real estate development, and its rich history speaks about that great success.
Although Sorouh Real Estate Company is new in the field of real estate within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
This is because it was founded in 2018, that is, three years ago, but it is characterized by a great deal of belief in its ability to implement huge projects.
It is completely different from any other projects within the capital city, as the company works to change the lifestyle.
By creating a sophisticated and innovative world designed for your comfort at the hands of the best elite and most skilled engineers and designers.
This is in order to live in the Spanish style on Egyptian land.
The vision of Sorouh Real Estate Investment Company
Our commitment is to work to create integrated residential communities so that our residents can enjoy an unparalleled high quality of life that is vibrant with luxury and tranquility.
We also aspire to formulate targeted projects so that our residents can live a new and innovative lifestyle and enjoy a superior quality of life in an upscale environment.
This has put us in a great position to become the leading developer of fully integrated communities.
By providing high quality standards of living and continuously creating attractive investment opportunities.
We are inspired by our mission and our revolutionary vision to become the only leading real estate developer with a reputable reputation.
By working to build unique and integrated communities within the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to our interest in a comprehensive commitment to service excellence.
We also focus on building people's dreams by working to build distinctive communities that meet the diverse, basic and recreational interests of our residents, leaving our mark and a lasting legacy for future generations.
Sorouh Developments objectives
Sorouh Real Estate Development and Investment Company follows several goals and advantages in order to shine among other competing companies so that it can obtain a prominent position in the field of urban development in the entire Egyptian real estate market. This is also achieved through its strong success in many of the projects that it is working to build accordingly. rules and objectives, including the following:
Sorouh Real Estate Investment Company is working on developing strategies and basics that will go into building its project.
It is also working on developing distinctive engineering plans in accordance with international specifications and standards so that its project becomes resistant to any factors of erosion and natural hazards.
Sorouh Real Estate Investment and Development Company is also keen to follow international rules and standards for construction and construction work.
It also works on designing its projects in the latest architectural style so that it is suitable for all tastes.
In addition to having the best interior and exterior engineering decoration works for all its projects.
The company made sure to provide all services and work to meet the residents' daily requirements
Sorouh  Developments Projects:
Maadi Towers Project, which directly overlooks the Nile.
Implementation of 360 buildings and villas in the Fifth Settlement.