company definition Samco Holding

Samco Holding is one of the leading real estate entities that has enjoyed a good reputation since it began its journey in 1994. Despite the many activities carried out by Samco Real Estate Development Company in the contracting, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical industries, it has beenSS able to prove its worth in all of these fields. It recently decided to launch more projects and become one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.
Samco Real Estate Development Company tries all the time to apply the highest standards of quality and innovation in projects, so it uses the best competencies and engineering personnel in order to always live up to customer confidence, in addition to keeping pace with developments taking place in the real estate market, as Samco Developments goes hand in hand with this. The Egyptian government’s directions in achieving a comprehensive urban renaissance that serves investment in Egypt.
Samco Holding Company projects
The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed
Compound Rivali New Cairo
Other projects of Samco Holding
Implementing more than 20 projects in cooperation with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.
Implementing nearly 50 projects with the private sector