company definition Red Sea Developments

Red Sea Developments Company is the owner of Coronado North Coast Resort and Coronado Ain Sohkna Resort, which is considered one of the most important high-end coastal projects established in the heart of the North Coast and Ain Sokhna, which has become one of the largest coastal cities in Egypt and enjoys many... Wonderful natural appearances. It is also one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market and has great experience in the field of real estate. Since its inception, it has had a good reputation among competing companies. The company is always keen to implement all customers’ desires and also works to develop sophisticated and innovative designs. It has also provided many It is one of the huge projects that have strategic locations and a distinctive imprint in the world of urban development.
Advantages of the Red Sea Developments Company
The Red Sea Real Estate Investment and Development Company has provided a wide range of features that meet all customers’ needs, and this is what made it one of the pioneers in the field of real estate in the Arab Republic of Egypt, due to the various features and services it provides, and this is represented in the following points.
The Red Sea Company is distinguished by choosing the most important strategic locations that are close to important roads and also the main direct axes.
The company was keen to follow all international rules and laws before launching its project.
It is concerned with developing the latest modern designs and also the best engineering decoration works to make the units appear in a sophisticated architectural image.
Hiring a large group of technical personnel to benefit from their previous experience in implementing projects.
Providing a wide range of basic services and recreational activities, as well as public facilities that come with high technology.
The company is keen to provide a large range of residential units of various sizes and also at distinguished prices.
Its great interest in offering payment methods and payment systems that reach convenient installments and without annual interest.
Developing the best engineering plans and engineering strategies that follow international specifications and standards so that all projects appear innovative.
The Red Sea Company is studying the Egyptian real estate market in detail before launching any project.
The company is also keen to provide after-sales service to all customers in all projects.
The company is carrying out all its work to track fourth generation technologies in modern cities in view of the urban development that the country is going through.
The company strives to provide urban communities with a unique and distinct architectural character.
Creating livable environmental communities using global technologies and also with the solar energy system.
It works to provide scientific foundations with high technology that are resistant to all erosion factors that are likely to occur.
Red Sea Real Estate Company is keen to deliver all its projects on time in order to gain the trust of its customers.
Innovation and dedication to work to provide unconventional urban communities.
The most prominent works of the Red Sea Real Estate Development Company
The Red Sea Real Estate Development Company was interested in providing a large group of coastal projects in the most important strategic locations that are located close to the main roads to facilitate access to all. Due to the multiple projects that the Red Sea Real Estate Company owns and a huge land portfolio in the most important tourist areas, it obtained a good reputation and a leading name. In the Egyptian real estate market, these projects owned by the company are represented in the following points.
Coronado Marina Resort, Ain Sokhna.
Coronado project in Ain Sokhna.
Aquarius project in Ain Sokhna.
A group of tourism companies.