company definition Qontrac Developments

Qontrac Developments is one of the companies with great experience in the real estate market, with that experience extending to 20 years. Qontrac is also one of the companies of the Abdullah Group, which includes 10 contracting companies. The company has held many successful partnerships, which made it Reach a distinguished position in the real estate market.
Qontrac Development seeks to prove its worth within the Egyptian real estate market, by offering vital and important projects, through which it meets the aspirations of those seeking sophistication and luxury, and provides important commercial and residential units, seeking the help of the most important development and construction companies, and offering the units at competitive and appropriate prices, which... Making it one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.
Partners of Qontrac Developments
One of the most important components of the success of Contrack Real Estate Development Company is the successful partnerships it has concluded over the past years, the most important of which is its partnership with CMD, which is considered one of the most important strategic alliances in the Egyptian real estate market, so the volume of investments reached 2 billion Egyptian pounds to invest in Administrative Capital.
Projects of Qontrak Developments Company
Compound Yaru New Capital