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People and Places Development Company, People and Places, is a leading real estate company that not only seeks to build homes and units, but People and Places projects also want to give its residents a different life experience that embraces nature, as People and Places believes in sustainability to create a better environmental future for future generations at a lower operating cost. All this amid designs that combine luxury and simplicity in unprecedented harmony.
The Board of Directors of People and Places Real Estate Company includes Mr. Khaled Al-Assal, Mr. Mohamed Khaled Al-Assal, Mr. Karim Khaled Al-Assal, and Mr. Nabil Amasha. People and Places Developments seeks to be one of the best real estate companies in Egypt within record time, which began Already verified through the successful People & Places projects in the North Coast and New Zayed.
Partners of People and Places Developments
Despite the fact that People and Places is new to the real estate market, it has laid its hands on the foundations of success that guarantee it a promising future, and the most important of these foundations is cooperation with the most important design companies. Indeed, People and Places Developments has contracted with Alchemy Architecture, which is considered one of the most important design companies in Egypt now and is responsible for About several distinguished projects in New Cairo and the Administrative Capital.
Cooperation does not stop at the field of design. In order to implement the designs accurately and on the specified receipt date, People & Places has cooperated with the largest contracting companies to offer People & Places projects with the highest level of quality that qualifies it to compete strongly in the real estate market and achieve good investment returns for its clients.
Projects of People & Places Company
Compound Hills Of One New Zayed
The Med North Coast Village
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Projects in the homeland.
  Projects in the Narges neighborhood.