company definition NCB Developments

NCB Real Estate Developments is considered one of the new developers whose projects in the Coast and the Administrative Capital are distinguished by the abundance of services and the diversity of real estate units such as administrative offices, malls, and residential units such as villas, twin houses, shops, etc.
As it includes a group of the best companies that have experience in the Arab real estate market for a long period of no less than 50 years, and “NCB” is an abbreviation for New Capital Builders, which means building the new capital, in addition to being unique in many huge projects that Under its auspices in Egypt and the Middle East.
One of its most important projects is Verity Business Tower New Capital, which is one of the malls that was developed by NCB Developments, which implemented this project with a more than wonderful design on the outside, in addition to the internal divisions, which are divided between shops for sale in the Administrative Capital and offices. They all come in a consistent manner, which gives acceptance at first glance to the investor