company definition Nawassy Developments

Nawassy Developments is one of the companies affiliated with the Enco Misr Contracting Group, and it is one of the largest first-class contracting companies that was established 20 years ago. The company has a long record of success within the Egyptian real estate market, because it relies on the best standards and selects cadres. Excellent to work with, and Nawasi Company has become one of the best real estate development companies in Egypt.
In recent years, Nawassy Developments has been able to offer a large and diverse group of distinctive works, because it is trying to cover the needs of the real estate market with investment and residential units, so that it can keep pace with the many developments witnessed in the real estate field in recent years, and walk with the state in its expansion plans in cities. New.
Nawasi Real Estate Company projects
Mall 3 Sides New Cairo
Other projects of Nawasi Real Estate Company
Carrying out the work of Salman University on an area of ​​25 acres, Sharm El Sheikh branch.
Establishing a smart commercial mall in the government district in the New Administrative Capital.
Creating 3 gates for the New Administrative Capital.
Implementing some ministries within the government district.
Carrying out the work of the House of the Qur’an located in the Misr Mosque in the New Administrative Capital.