company definition Landmark Developments

Landmark Developments  seeks to contribute to raising the level of the real estate and construction field, and developing the real estate business system, by providing residential units for sale in October and Sheikh Zayed with unique and distinguished services.
-Landmark has a clear vision for expansion in new cities through cadres and a group of high and long-standing experience in the field of contracting and real estate development, in addition to qualified young elements, on whom the company relies heavily and effectively.
Landmark features
We help you choose your dream home at the lowest possible costs and with the highest quality, whether a compound or a mini-compound
Delivery on the agreed upon date with high quality delivery specifications.
The best distinguished real estate services provided with all the integrated residential services that customers need.
We have a professional work team trained to the highest level of experience, competence and mastery of work
Landmark projects
Gesell Compound
Selena 1 Compound
Beit Al Watan Compound
Bianca Compound
Riva Compound
Raya Compound
Selena 2 Compound