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Equity Development Company has implemented many international investment projects, and has won the admiration of many investors. It is always keen to increase the proportion of projects during the coming period. It also strives for expansion and real estate development, and its standards are consistent with the requirements of the real estate market to obtain ideal results. It also offers projects A global project on Egyptian soil that attracts the attention of many investors. The company's most prominent projects are The Capital Way Administrative Capital project, which is one of the most prestigious investment projects in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and near the Exhibition City and Al Masa Hotel, very close to the Diplomatic Quarter. If you want to own a distinctive residential, coastal, or investment unit, you can always find the best with Equity Company. Which continuously seeks to gain customer trust and satisfaction. It offers ideal services at fantastic prices that allow everyone the opportunity to invest. Equity Company also offers many ideal opportunities for guaranteed investment, provides many services to customers, and provides convenient and very distinctive payment systems. You can also make reservations and inquiries by contacting customer service.
Owner of Equity Real Estate Development Company
Equity Development Company has a good reputation and has gained great popularity recently as one of the best real estate development and investment companies, operating under the supervision of a group of elite engineers and experts, and the CEO of the company is Dr. Haitham Samir, who has extensive experience in several projects.
Previous work of Equity Real Estate Development Company
Equity Real Estate Development was able to provide a modern architectural style and has an elite group of technical personnel, engineers and experts who hold accredited certificates and have a major role in the success of Equity Development. Equity’s projects are represented in the following:
The company created The Capital Way Compound, which is located in the New Administrative Capital.
It added The View Waterway New Cairo project, located in the New Cairo area.
I implemented his project and Tell Branded Residence located in the Fifth Settlement.
It established the Hub Waterway Mall project in the New Cairo area.
The Water Way North Coast village also owns The Water Way North Coast.
Equity Development Company projects on the North Coast
Equity Real Estate Development Company has created one of its strongest projects in the heart of the North Coast, which we will mention some details about in the following:
The Waterway North Coast
Equity Company is completing its honorable work by establishing a high-end and international tourist village. One of the company’s most recent works is the new The Waterway project, which was recently added to a unique and unique series of works. The Waterway Al-Sahel Village includes many residential units, including chalets for sale in the Sahel. Al-Shamali, villas and townhouses of varying sizes and competitive prices. Make a reservation and seize the opportunity because the company offers cheap prices that suit everyone. Leave the traffic and population congestion in the cities and move towards an integrated tourist city full of services and benefits and professionally designed that will make you have a unique experience on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Equity Company projects in the Administrative Capital
Equity Real Estate Development Company was keen to keep pace with the existing urban development in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and carried out one of the largest residential projects there, about which we will mention some details below:
Capital Way New Administrative Capital
Services of Equity Developments and Real Estate Investment Company
Equity Real Estate Development Company has become one of the most famous leading companies in the field of real estate development and investment at the present time. It strives for innovation and design and provides various services, including the following:
Allocate places for entertainment and green spaces everywhere.
The compound is surrounded by natural landscapes and lakes from all over.
The company combines residential and commercial units in an upscale residential compound.
There are designated places for eating, places for shopping, and also places for children to play.
It provides apartments of the highest standard, as well as wonderful duplexes, providing imaginative penthouses.
Equity Company offers a variety of residential units of different sizes according to your desire.
It completely redefined the New Cairo area through The Waterway project.
Its project received a high success rate in the Fifth Settlement area compared to other projects.
Equity offers a very distinctive architectural style at the highest level, following cutting-edge methods and a unique and international approach.
Advantages of investing within Equity Real Estate Development Company
Equity Developments real estate company offers many advantages and characteristics to its valued residents and customers. The most prominent advantages and services are the following:
Clients are treated with all credibility and transparency.
The projects provided by Equity are characterized by professionalism and sophistication.
The company has extensive experience for many years and is a pioneer in the field of real estate.
It offers an integrated business chain and has a vision based on innovation and creativity.
Before implementing any project, it is always keen to plan and conduct a complete study.
The company adheres to the agreed upon customer delivery dates; This is to ensure trust and satisfaction.
The company's basic principle is to develop and add artistic touches and ideal services to the community.
The fruits of success are distributed among the partners and many successes have been achieved in many sectors.
At the end of this article, we shed light on Equity Real Estate Development Company and presented the company’s most prominent services, features, and the most important projects that it has launched in the real estate market.