company definition Dominar Developments

Dominar Developments is one of the oldest companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was founded in 1973 by Mr. Fawzi Khattab. Since its establishment, the company has worked to build trust with its customers and investors until it obtained it through the quality of its projects, the accuracy of its designs, and its commitment to delivery dates.
With the efficiency of Dominar Real Estate Company and its good reputation, the state chose it to implement its important projects, including the construction of Tora Prison, the police buildings, and the Maryland buildings. Also, Dominar Real Estate projects are not limited to a specific area, but rather extend to all parts of the country. The company has implemented 8 towers in Helwan, 17 residential towers in Maadi, Al Mearaj Tower, Diplomatic Complex, South Academy, and 63 villas in New Cairo.
Dominar Developments Partners
During the history of Dominar Developments, which extends for about 49 years, it has cooperated with the largest design, building and construction companies in Egypt. With the amazing development in the field of real estate, Dominar Developments has been keen to keep pace with the latest technologies in all fields, so it assigned the task of designing its Three Square Tower project, the new administrative capital, to YBA. Engineering Consultations, and engineer Yasser El-Beltagy is the executor of most of the projects in the New Administrative Capital.
Dominar Real Estate Development Company also did not overlook the importance of maintaining the marketing value of the project after its completion through quality management and precision of operation, so it contracted with the famous Enova company, affiliated with the major Al-Futtaim companies, to supervise the operation of Three Square Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
Dominar Developments Company projects
Three Square Tower New Capital
Dominar Real Estate Company is aware of the importance of choosing the geographical location for commercial projects, so it awarded its project Three Square Tower New Capital, an excellent location in the financial district in front of the Housing and Development Bank on Ministries Street, near the regional ring road, the government district, the diplomatic district, the Green River and the iconic tower. .
The company gave its Three Square Tower project a wonderful and dazzling design with eye-catching glass facades. The mall consists of 3 buildings, each building has a ground floor and 7 recurring floors, with a total of 370 units. Dominar Developments also made its project Three Square an administrative mall only in proportion to the surrounding area.
The Dominar Real Estate Development Company project extends over an area of 5,100 square meters, with very smart internal divisions starting from 40 square metres, and the prices of the Three Square Tower Administrative Capital units start from 1,600,000 Egyptian pounds. To support new investors, Dominar Company launched its project with a reservation deposit starting from 10%, and a period Installments up to 12 years.
Other projects of Dominar Developments Company:
Buildings in Helwan.
Police buildings.
Maryland buildings.
Tora prison construction.
More than 65 villas in the community.
More than 12 towers in Maadi.