company definition DIG Developments

DIG development is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, and it is an Egyptian real estate investment group. It is one of the companies that has a great history in the real estate field, reaching more than 10 years, with an investment value of about 2 billion pounds under the management of Mr. Hussein Salah, Chairman of the Board of Directors. For real estate development to provide investment opportunities to ensure the highest return on investment for customers
dig development offers distinguished residential and commercial projects that adhere to the highest international quality standards in the best locations through the use of a team of experienced engineers, international design companies, companies operating and managing facilities and urban communities, and consultants, to ensure that the highest international quality standards are achieved, which makes it a source of trust for many customers and investors.
dig development projects
Track 14 Tower, the new administrative capital
Track 10 Tower, the new administrative capital
Among its latest projects is Track 12 Tower, the New Administrative Capital
The most important projects of IGI Real Estate Company
Track 12, the new administrative capital
The Track 12 project, the new administrative capital, is the latest DIG project for real estate development. It is an integrated investment project that includes commercial, administrative and medical units with a unique standard design and varying sizes to suit all fields. It is characterized by unparalleled prices and flexible and different payment and installment systems. It is close to the most important landmarks of the New Capital, which are roads and axes, as well as the best traffic to ensure speedy operation.
Location of Track 12 Mall, New Administrative Capital
dig development was interested in choosing a prime location for the implementation of its new project, Track 12, in the capital, in the heart of the Downtown area, specifically in plot MU4/62.
The main façade of the mall and the plaza on the western axis, with a width of 90 meters
Track 12 Mall is within walking distance of the Green River.
  In front of the shopping and shopping district, Al Masa Hotel and the Egyptian Opera House
The Egyptian Opera House and Al-Massa Hotel, a distinctive view of the iconic tower
Track 12 Mall is also located near the Al-Wazarat neighborhood.
It is also located near the most important projects in the capital, such as Strip Walk Mall, and Fairy Business Tower.