company definition Catalyst Developments

Catalyst is one of the companies that has clear goals and vision in the real estate field, and since its inception it has been working to provide new and innovative solutions that suit the development taking place globally in the real estate market, and seeks to provide and provide successful investment solutions to businessmen and investors in Egypt.
This is in addition to providing real estate services at the highest level of quality and efficiency that you can obtain today, which in turn maintains the company’s position in the real estate investment market.
Through the company's residential projects and business centers, you can invest your money, own your unit, and make a lot of money from it in a lot of time.
The most important features of Catalyst Real Estate Development Company
Choosing the best strategic locations to establish projects.
Catalyst Development provides sufficient space for its projects, and invests it in providing all the project’s needs of services and facilities.
It offers units of various designs and spaces, to suit all customer tastes and needs.
It offers unparalleled competitive prices, compared to competing real estate projects in the same areas.
It offers flexible payment and payment systems that help in owning units within its projects.
It is concerned with providing all basic and entertainment services to unit owners of Catalyst projects.
It provides all means of complete protection, with the latest devices in the world, in addition to human resources trained at the highest level.
Using the latest and best machines and equipment in construction and finishing.
Catalyst Development projects
Ozone Medical Mall, New Cairo.
North Plus Mall project.
Elegantry Mall in New Cairo City.
Cairo Capital Center project.
Business Plus New Cairo project.