company definition Babylon Urban Developments

Babylon Urban Developments is one of the most promising companies in the real estate development industry. The company focuses on projects and businesses that target investments in the medium and long term. Babylon Company was established based on ideas inspired by the historical Babylonian culture, which is characterized by its non-traditional buildings and relies on creativity, innovation and attractive architectural character.
Babylon Developments aims to achieve a practical balance between quality standards in design and implementation, and to provide projects that meet customers' tastes and aspirations. The company sets standards that allow it to achieve the best value for projects, in addition to providing financial and logistical support and working to increase the financial return in commercial projects.
Babylon Real Estate Development Company projects
Senator Mall, New Administrative Capital
Mall Senator New Capital is a project of Babylon Real Estate Development Company in the Administrative Capital. The mall is a large administrative and medical center located in the Downtown area, with world-class designs and beautiful green landscapes. The mall consists of the ground floor and 8 upper floors, and includes about 200 units. The units' spaces in Senator Mall range from 31 square meters or more.
The company offered units in Senator Mall at very exceptional prices, as the price per square meter in the units offered for sale starts from 23,000 EGP, and the total price starts from 713,000 EGP. A unique installment system has been provided, as it is possible to purchase without down payment and in installments up to 14 years. The administrative and medical units will be delivered with full super lux finishing and air conditioning.
In short, Senator Mall in the New Administrative Capital is a distinctive project that offers administrative and medical units with international designs and competitive prices, with a flexible installment system and convenient payment options, which makes it an ideal choice for individuals and companies wishing to invest in the New Administrative Capital.
Heritage Mall, New Administrative Capital
Mall Heritage New Capital is one of the projects of Babylon Real Estate Development Company in the Administrative Capital. The mall is characterized by an important strategic location in front of Masr Mosque, and it was designed according to the highest standards of design and construction to suit the available administrative units. Units' spaces in Heritage Mall range from 73 square meters and above.
The company has provided units in the mall at reasonable prices, starting from 2,701,000 EGP. The company has developed flexible installment systems that facilitate the process of purchasing units for its customers. The reservation system starts without a down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 14 years. It is planned to deliver the Heritage Mall units during 2023. The mall contains all the distinctive services and facilities that make it one of the most important projects of the Administrative Capital.
In short, Heritage Mall, the New Administrative Capital, is a distinguished project that offers administrative units in a distinguished strategic location, with reasonable prices and flexible installment systems, with a commitment to quality construction and provision of integrated services, which makes it an ideal choice for individuals and companies looking for an investment opportunity in the New Administrative Capital.