company definition AlKarma Developments

Since the establishment of AlKarma Developments in 1996, AlKarma has been concerned with creating luxury residential complexes, with a focus on achieving the highest standards of quality. Over the past decades, AlKarma has innovated in developing various projects that include luxury housing, shopping centers, and clubs, aiming to meet Different tastes and needs.
Al Karma Real Estate Company has a firm commitment to ensuring the well-being of its customers and achieving the best return on their investments. Al Karma Real Estate Company believes that persistence and determination are the main focus of success, and therefore it always takes into account the quality of life of its customers, and offers them multiple and distinct options. Al Karma Company relies on a team of competent specialists in Egypt. To masterfully manage and implement karma projects from inception to receipt.
Karma Real Estate Company projects
Compound VAHA New Zayed
Compound Alkarma Kay El Sheikh Zaid
Alkarma Gates El Sheikh Zaid Compound
Compound Novella 6 October
Other projects of Al Karma Real Estate Company
Compound El karma Residence El Sheikh Zaid.
Compound Alkarma Heights 6 October.
Mall Mazar El Sheikh Zayed.
Mall Alkarma 4, Sheikh Zayed 4 Mall Alkarma El Sheikh Zaid.
Al Karama Club, Sheikh Zayed.
Compound Alkarma 1, Sheikh Zayed.
Compound Alkarma 2, Sheikh Zaid.
Alkarma 4 Compound, Sheikh Zayed 4.