company definition AFG Development

Al Fath Group AFG is one of the largest companies in the huge Egyptian real estate market
Since it was established more than 35 years ago, it has become one of the leading companies in the field and sits on the throne of this real estate field with full entitlement and has long experience.
The company was not limited to the Egyptian real estate market only, but also its horizons went to about 25 different countries such as the scope of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which it is located specifically in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and also the coastal city of Jeddah, in addition to its presence in the Middle East and North Africa
In addition, the company is an alliance of a group of real estate and other economic companies
It has also succeeded in obtaining more than 5,000 clients from all over the world with high levels of trust, which proves its great success in projects distinguished from other real estate companies.
These successes come in accordance with the wise leadership of the company, which is represented in:
Mr. Salah El-Din El-Hilali, Chairman of the Board of Directors
And also Mr. Abdullah Al-Hilali, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
In addition to Mr. Ahmed Abdel Salam, Business Development Manager
Company features
Al-Fateh Company is keen to deliver its units on time without any delay
Providing a variety of specialized solutions to suit the needs of the market, through a detailed study
In addition to a commitment to a high level of professional integrity for the sake of customer satisfaction
AFG also seeks to make a quantum leap in the huge Egyptian real estate market
The company is also characterized by distinctive designs that keep pace with the rapid development in the global market, allowing customers and investors to be distinguished
In addition to its legality, the presence of all projects in the most important vital areas, to put the owners close to the most important places and main roads, to facilitate their speed of movement without any obstacles that they may face.
Providing high quality projects with the best materials in foundations and techniques
Luxurious finishes that match the exterior design
AlFth Company is keen to provide all means of comfort and integration in the services and activities for customers
After-sales service for consulting and distinguished property management, which is the best in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Achieving the highest return on investment for clients, especially in mixed-use projects
The company also has a vision that is to be the developer trusted by customers in various countries of the world with its commitment in all respects
It also has a mission to commit itself to the development of integrated communities of any type, residential, commercial, administrative, educational or sports
This comes in order to transfer investors to an unprecedented advanced experience that increases their comfort
In addition, the company has a huge team of the best engineering consultants
Putting customer comfort in the first place, and for that it launches its projects in an integrated way
Providing a variety of residential units' spaces and prices to meet all investors' needs
In addition to removing any obstacles facing investors by providing the best payment and installment systems
With its keenness to cooperate with the best companies in facilities management and hotel apartment management
The most prominent projects of Al-Fateh Group
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