company definition M Squared Developments

M Squared Developments is one of the most important real estate development companies, as it possesses great experience that contributes to its distinction and mastery in this type of business, among competitors, in addition to the fact that it relies on the best modern technologies that have contributed to creating a path for itself. The uniqueness that it pursues, as its vision is created from the standpoint of the emerging overlap between both reality and utopia, which contributes to preventing societies from having sufficient space to think, in line with the goals of the responsible authorities towards their vision of a sophisticated and better society, and this vision contributed to that Indeed, these sedentary societies present a vision different from the traditional form, reaching the point of creativity.
Umm Square Real Estate Development, although it was established in 2012, has contributed over ten years to the revitalization of that residential community of all kinds and its dwellings, and this theory that it works on is famous for giving all owners everything that can actually contribute to the work in a proper manner. It is essential to improve the level of entertainment services, not just basic ones.
This company was part of the Intro Company, which was established in 1988, as it has many fields in which it is considered a pioneer in working, the most prominent of which is the field of oil and gas, in addition to the fields of engineering, as it specializes in real estate and financial investment, in addition to gases. Air and agricultural development, and its launch in the field of real estate stemmed from achieving a series of successes in these properties that it worked on, and this matter played a fundamental role in obtaining great confidence since it began working in the field of real estate.
The vision of M Square  Development Company
The vision with which the company operates is called an exceptional vision. From which you can know well that it seeks to create and present everything new in the world of investment. In addition to the fact that it has always sought to provide distinguished residential services that work directly to improve the level of services enjoyed by residents of New Egyptian housing:
  The most important projects of M Square Development Company
 Trio Gardens Compound in New Cairo
 The Enix
 Ras El Hekma Resort