company definition Arqa Developments

Arqa Real Estate is a leading company in the field of real estate development and derives its logo from its name, so the meaning of the name ARQA comes from the letter A derived from the word Analytics meaning a comprehensive analysis of research and finding distinctive investment opportunities for clients, the letter R comes from the word Rio and means that the company achieves an actual return, the letter Q comes from the word Quality, meaning achieving the highest standards of quality. The letter A comes from the word Action, meaning because the company implements plans and all customers' aspirations.
Arqa Real Estate Development Company announced that it has contracted with the largest leading engineering companies, in addition to an international company to manage administrative, commercial and medical facilities in Egypt and the Arab world, and they are:
Engineer Hussein Sabbour designed malls with the best international designs, as he participated in several distinguished projects such as luxury hotels such as Four Seasons and Semiramis.
KAD, the leading mall management company and ensuring smooth operation, is known for its management of several distinctive projects such as Fifth Square Mall, The Spot Mall and Marina Mall in Hurghada.
The company seeks to maintain the clause of sustainability, achieving mutual benefit and the best after-sales service for the customer, through constantly conducting a comprehensive analysis of the nature of the real estate market to provide the highest return on investment, implement the highest standards of quality, achieve customer satisfaction and achieve global projects characterized by sophistication, as it is a comprehensive group of the finest thinking The finest site, the most distinguished design, the finest operation, and the best manpower.
Who is the owner of the most prestigious real estate company?
The owner of Arqa Real Estate Development Company is a group of engineers who have tremendous experience, including the businessman, Engineer Helmy Abbas, who owns a huge group of engineering companies and institutions, most notably:
He is the owner of Arqa Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arqa Real Estate Company.
CEO of GCC, known as the Gulf Contractors Company in the United Arab Emirates.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pearl Group, which is a chain of hospitals and medical centers.
He has presented many distinguished projects in the State of Abu Dhabi.
He owns the Nakheel Egypt Company.
In addition to Engineer Mahrous Al-Zeini, who has extensive experience in the field of real estate, especially commercial malls such as Al-Zeini Malls in the Fifth Settlement, and holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Muhammad Al-Bakri, who heads Emaar Contracting Company in the State of Kuwait, as well as the Managing Director and Board Member, Mr. Experience in real estate and commercial development for a period of more than 15 years.
Previous projects of ARQA Developments
Arqa Real Estate Development Company owns many distinguished projects through which it achieved success and was able to win the trust of customers. Its projects vary between residential, administrative, commercial and medical. It pays most of its attention to commercial projects. Among its most prominent projects are the following:
Arqaa has implemented many malls in New Cairo, with a total of 13 commercial and administrative malls, including 7 projects overlooking the northern 90th Street, the southern 90th Street, and the Muhammad Naguib axis.
Al-Zeini Mall in Fifth Settlement.
I Business Park Mall, Administrative Capital.
Avery Park project, the administrative capital.
Let us know more details about the distinguished projects of the most prestigious new administrative capital, which are:
The projects of the most prestigious company