company definition Radix Development

Radix Development is one of the largest companies present in the huge Egyptian real estate market since its inception due to the huge projects that it was keen to establish with unprecedented sales rates and the best materials used in construction. The company also has a large segment of customers due to its keenness to deliver all units The year 2018 witnessed the entry of Al-Mowaffaq Holding Company as one of the oldest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was established since 1965, and in the Egyptian market since 2018, with the establishment of Al-Salmaniya Real Estate Development Company with its trademark. Radix Development
To its owners in the Board of Directors: Salman bin Saban and also Mr. / Abdullah bin Saban
Which is an extension of the company's achievements and successes in various sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that Radix took similar steps in the Egyptian market, starting with New Cairo through several projects and keeping pace with the strategic directions of the Egyptian state towards new cities, especially the new administrative capital, through the launch of its latest project in the region, which is the Agile Business Complex Mall. Commercial, administrative and medical in the Downtown area, which is characterized by several advantages, including the strategic location and the application of the latest smart systems
The most important projects of Radex Real Estate Development and Investment Company
Al Wasat Commercial Complex on an area of 180,000 square meters (commercial)
Seventy Plaza (commercial and administrative)
Boulevard Mall (commercial)
It also provided the Gazal Mall (commercial and administrative).
Juffair Serail Tower in the State of Bahrain
Sofitel chain of hotels
Establishment and management of the Saudi Health Concept Union Company
Development of all public utility buildings and airports
Establishing and operating the largest cement plant in the Kingdom (cement)