company definition Orbit Developments

Orbit Developments is one of the largest real estate development companies in the Egyptian real estate arena, which is directly distinguished by its advanced projects that simulate the development of international real estate projects, and the projects implemented by the company are characterized by the fact that they contain all the facilities and services that can be searched for Owners in modern real estate projects.
The company enjoys great experience, as it was launched in the real estate world in the year 2000, and since this launch, the real estate arena has witnessed a variety of the most important real estate projects, through which the company's share was to change the concept of real estate development in Egypt.
In its projects, the company relied on providing all the advantages that owners are looking for, including flexible payment packages and a variety of services, to provide the best buying experience for owners, on top of which is providing the best management that you can see in a real estate project.
The most important projects of Orbit Developments
Since Orbit Real Estate Development Company was launched in the real estate arena, it has pleased everyone with its projects, which have been implemented in a timely manner, whether the launch dates or the delivery of units. Orbit Real Estate Development includes:
Sokhna Mall, Orbit Real Estate Development Company
The Sokhna Mall is the latest and most recent project that Orbit Developments provided in the real estate scene with a large number of wonderful details that contributed to proving through this project its presence in the real estate square. It is a huge commercial mall located in the heart of Sokhna directly on the Red Sea, and one of the most important What distinguishes the project is its presence near Porto Sokhna resort.
The best compound in Fifth Settlement
The Nile Company residential project with a French character on an area of 29 acres in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. Cash discount 35% during the launch period only. Click here to book.
And these waterfronts of this mall will give all the units that make up the project the best distinctive view that a commercial project can have, in addition to the number of facilities and services that have been implemented and provided in the heart of the mall, which will have a major role in providing the best work environment for customers.
Dirt and prices of Sokhna Mall
At kilometer 82, close to Down Town, the project was implemented, as Orbit Developments excelled directly in providing the ideal details in terms of various spaces that suit all commercial requirements, and the mall consists of 3 upper floors in addition to the ground floor, and the spaces start from 44 square meters in the mall Sokhna, and the areas reach 1150 square meters.
As for unit prices, as usual, Orbit Developments has provided units with competitive prices. Which is an opportunity that we must take advantage of. As the price per meter starts from 90,000 pounds only, and there are a variety of packages. You can book the price of the unit by relying on it. These packages start from 10% down payment. Payment and repayment years up to 8 years.
Orbit Developments projects
Orbit Real Estate Development Company has a share in other projects, whether residential or commercial. Which has always taken into account that it adheres to the delivery dates, which gave it this amount of transparency. On the other hand, Orbit Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by providing integrated projects. Among the most prominent other projects implemented by Orbit Real Estate Development Company are the following:
Your chalet in the most beautiful sea on the coast
Your chalet in the most beautiful sea on the coast
Book your chalet in the latest phase in Mountain View, with a down payment of 800,000 and installments over 8 years. For more information, click here.
Gravity Blue Play Hotel located in Sahl Hasheesh.
Samra Bay in Hurghada.
Marina Hills.
Platinum project in Hurghada.
Partners of Orbit Developments
Orbit Developments has formed a diversified group of companies with many diversified entities. Which had a major role in reaching directly to the provision of integrated projects. Orbit Developments has formed companies with the best engineering firms. And design offices, as well as the projects it has implemented, which are of a