company definition AlQamzi Developments

Al Qamzi Developments Company is one of the largest distinguished companies not only in the huge Egyptian real estate market, but also on the UAE lands, as it has succeeded since it was established in 1997 AD in the United Arab Emirates to launch the largest and various real estate projects that are not There is an equal to it, and for the sake of the company's keenness to expand and serve the largest possible number of customers, it has worked to expand and come to the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt since 2010, and during that period that exceeded the decade, it has succeeded in achieving a brilliant and pioneering name for it among the rest of the sector companies.
Where the ancient Al-Qamzi Real Estate Development Company was able to provide the largest residential projects as well as integrated coastal projects, which made it achieve an unprecedented percentage of sales due to the integration of these projects with the many advantages of the company that made it possess a huge segment of customers with high levels of confidence and put it in a privileged position.
In addition to the expansion of Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company ALQamzi Group in many other fields such as:
Oil and gas field services on land and offshore.
Power transmission networks and stations.
Engaged in mechanical and electrical contracting.
Bridges projects and also the main roads.
Landscaping contracting.
In addition to public transportation.
The vision and advantages of Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company
Al Qamzi Developments Company has a long list of advantages and also visions that ensured its outstanding success and placed it in that prestigious position in the huge real estate field among the rest of its other companies.
Where these advantages of Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company come in the following points:
Providing the highest standards of quality in all its projects.
Choosing the best geographical spots to lay the foundations of its distinguished projects.
Seeking to develop the real estate market by providing sustainable benefits.
Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company is always keen on prosperity.
Providing the credibility that customers deserve during the various stages of launching.
Putting customer satisfaction in the first place during all stages.
It is keen to grant the highest levels of service and also the environment.
Providing the best integrated services with the latest international technologies.
Believing that the customer is the most important part of the work and that it provides all means for his comfort.
In addition to delivering the various units with their projects on time without any delay.
The use of the finest international designs, as well as the most luxurious integrated finishes, to make the owners feel distinguished.
It works to provide the latest global technologies for advanced housing.
Providing the greatest integration of various services and activities for the convenience and entertainment of its customers.
It works to provide vast green spaces for psychological comfort and aesthetic appearance.
The largest utilization of space for projects, as different spaces and unit prices are available.
Paying attention to the security aspect through the strongest measures with the latest international technologies.
In addition to providing the best prices and competitive payment systems for sale.
Members of the Board of Directors of Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company
Al Qamzi Development Company consists of the most distinguished boards of management with exte