V Hub Mall New Capital Administration

The V Mall is in a special location at the New Capital in the R7 in front of the Russian University very close to the diplomatic district. Own now your unit with 10% down payment on 20 years.


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Project details V Hub Mall New Capital Administration

Commercial areas start from 28m2

Administrative & medical start from 58m2

Hotel Apartments are fully finished with AC kitchen cabins & furniture


Why invest V Hub Mall

There is obligatory rental for 6 years

There is also strong brands in the mall like Casper & Gambini, Gambini Chilli’s, Pottery café, Seif Pharmacy. & BBQ pro

Infront of Swedish & Canadian university


-        Parking area

-        Kids area

-        24hour security

-        Family Park

-        Cycling & jogging area

-        Lakes

-        Visitors administrations

-        Gym

-        Meeting rooms

-        Billboards

Solar panels

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